The Pentagon: 64 American soldiers were wounded with a concussion in the Iranian bombing of two bases in Iraq

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A new toll from the American Defense Ministry, “The Pentagon,” said that 64 Americans were wounded in the Iranian attack early this month on a base where American soldiers are deployed.

Yesterday, a Pentagon spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Mamble, announced that the military had suffered a concussion. He added that “39 of them joined the units of the 64 injured, and the others returned to the United States.”

After the attack, Donald Trump confirmed that no American had been hurt. In response to a question last week about the high number of these raids, Trump reduced the size of the raids in an attempt to avoid any military escalation with Iran.

He continued: “I heard they had a headache. This was not considered a severe injury. “

His Democratic opponents accused him of lying and of underestimating the wounded soldiers

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