On the day of his marriage, the occupation puts the handcuff in the hands of Ahmed Aqra and takes him to the cells

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: Had it not been for the occupation, the young Ahmed Aqraa would now wear the engagement ring, but the soldiers, who were armed with weapons, wore him chains instead of the ring and took him to prison.

Muhammad al-Aqra, brother of the prisoner Ahmad, reported that the Nazi occupation forces stormed the house at 3.30 a.m. today, Friday, in the town of Qablan, south of Nablus, and took him with them to prison.

Muhammad told Quds News  that his brother was arrested several times by the Nazi occupation forces, and the longest periods of detention were in 2016, when he stayed in detention for two and a half years.

The family said to Jerusalem that the occupation caused their joy in arresting Ahmed on the day his marriage was supposed to take place, especially as the family had invited relatives and friends from outside the town for the marriage ceremony.

And about the sadness caused by the occupation’s arrest of her son, the family said, “Instead of Ahmed going to his fiancé today, she came after his arrest to check and ask about his condition.”

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Ahmed Aqraa has a martyr’s brother, Zakariya al-Aqra, who rose through an armed clash with the Nazi occupation forces in 2014, and has a freed prisoner brother.

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Prisoner editor and wounded – Nazi Occupation, Samer Abed, was brutally arrested

Prisoner editor and wounded – Occupation, Samer Abed, was brutally arrested


At dawn today, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner, Samer Hassan Abed (29 years old), from his home in Qablan, south of occupied Nablus.

Abdel-Rahman Abed, the prisoner’s brother, reported that an officer in the occupation army called Samer a week ago and told him that he should attend an interview in Hawara, but he refused, and asked for a documented summons. Indeed, the army stormed the house and handed him a notification paper.


Abdel-Rahman added in a Quds news interview ,  “My brother went to the interview last Sunday, stayed for two hours, then returned and ended the matter.” Then they arrested Samer.

Abdel-Rahman pointed out that after the arrest of Samer and his insertion into the military enclave, the Nazi soldiers returned to the family’s home and searched it accurately, then entered Abdul-Rahman’s house and also searched it. They also searched the family’s cars, before they withdrew, taking Samer with them to an unknown destination.


It should be noted that the young Samer was arrested twice according to what his brother told us and in both arrests he was injured, where he was arrested the first time in the month of 8 of the year 2014 and he stayed in prison for 6 months, and the second arrest in the month of 2 of the year 2016 and was injured during the arrest by the gunmen and 36 A month in detention, and when he was released from prison he underwent an operation on his stomach at the Palestine Medical Complex.

Also, Abd al-Latif Abed, Samer’s brother, is detained in the Nazi occupation prisons and is serving a five-year prison sentence, including one year of which he remains in the Negev Nazi camp.

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