The Paris Massacre: they had it coming


“Yes, they had it coming! They were asking for it! For blowback. For their just deserts. For the iron law of karma to take effect.”  —  Lasha Darkmoon


“Okay, let’s be clear. I am not Muslim. I oppose terrorism. I don’t even support the death penalty. I oppose violence as a means to make a political or ethical point. I fully support freedom of speech, including critical speech and humor.

But this morning I am most definitely NOT Charlie.

In fact, I am disgusted and nauseated by the sick display of collective hypocrisy about the murders in France. Here is why: The folks at Charlie Hebdo had it coming!”

When I read those words in an article called  I am NOT Charlie, by an author who calls himself “the Saker”, I gave a sigh of relief. Why? Because it turns out I wasn’t the only one to have entertained such dangerous thoughts that could get me put away as a potential Al Qaeda sympathizer.

There were other people, perhaps millions of them all over the world, who thought just like me.

Like the Saker, I too am not a Muslim. I am a Roman Catholic Christian. I also believe firmly in freedom of speech. “Feel free to say whatever you want,” I like to  advise. “Have total freedom to say what you want. But be prepared to accept the consequences  of free speech.”

If you wish to spit in Islam’s face, do so—at your peril.

If you wish to insult the Prophet Mohammed, or Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, or anyone else for that matter, feel free to do so—and take the consequences of your folly.

Spit and be spat upon. Kill with vicious words and be killed by guns. Hate your neighbor and expect to be hated in return.

It is the morning of Thursday, 8 January.

I am confronted by a shelf of newspapers in a busy department store. This is in London, England, one of the three capitals of the Empire of Evil, the other two being Washington and Tel Aviv.

I hear the murmurs of people around me. They are outraged. Their cheeks are flushed, their hands are bunched into fists. Their eyes are red with rage and their lips are quivering. They want to kill someone. Who? You guessed it: they want to kill 1.6 billion Muslims!

Here are the newspaper headlines that are whipping us all into a froth of hysteria:

“Attack on Freedom” — The Times.

“War on Freedom” — The Daily Telegraph.

“An Assault on Democracy” — The Guardian.

“NON! A policeman is murdered in cold blood for defending free speech. This evil in the name of Islam MUST STOP!”  — The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man who introduced topless titillation to Britain in the form of sleazy page-three girls. I turn to page 3 to check if the usual luscious lady, flashing her tits, is still there. She isn’t. The poor darling  has been banished to page 9 to make room on page 3 for a dose of screaming hysterics and concentrated Islamophobia.

“Massacred in minutes—Britain on red alert as jihadis shoot 12 dead in Paris.” — The Daily Express, owned by Jewish tycoon Richard Desmond who made his fortune selling porn magazines and who dined at Downing Streets on more than one occasion with Britain’s war criminal Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Whew, no wonder the seething crowds around me are  baying for Muslim blood! “Kill the bastards! Wipe out the dirty ragheads! Fuck the Palestinians! Let’s bomb Iran!”  Ah, words of music to the Zionist press which have done their job only too well!

And here was this man, “the Saker”, saying that the French cartoonists who had been killed in the Paris Massacre had been asking for it.

“The folks at Charlie Hebdo had it coming!” he has the nerve to say. “I am NOT Charlie!”

Wow, what a lunatic! If he’d said that in front of these frothing maniacs, queuing up to buy their newspapers and seething with anger over Muslims, they would have torn him apart. I bought six papers, composing my face into a mask of icy indifference, as if I too wanted to knock off the nearest turban and dance with delirium over a mound of Qur’ans.

This is how one survives in a police state: by pretending that one’s indoctrination by the state has been successful.

I am a zombie . . . please don’t kill me!

The Saker writes: “Check out the caricature which one of the folks who got murdered yesterday had just posted. The text reads: “Still no terrorist attacks in France — Wait, we have until the end of January to send you our best wishes!”


“There is an expression in Russian: spitting in somebody’s soul,” the Saker continues. “It fully applies here. Muslims worldwide need to be unambiguously clear about that. They take blasphemy very, very seriously, as they do the name of the Prophet and the Quran.

If you want to really offend a Muslim, ridicule his Prophet or his Holy Book. That is not a secret at all. And when Charlie Hebdo published their caricatures of the Prophet and when they ridiculed him in a deliberately rude and provocative manner, they knew what they were doing: they were very deliberately and deeply offending 1.6 billion Muslims all over the world.

Oh, and did I mention that in Islam blasphemy is a crime punishable by death?

Well, it turns out that of 1.6 billion Muslims exactly three decided to take justice into their own hands and kill the blasphemous Frenchmen, deliberately blaspheming — one a Jew and the rest all nice little Zionists on the payroll of international Jewry. (Phrase in italics added by Lasha Darkmoon).

You don’t have to be Muslim or to approve of the death penalty for blasphemy to realize that this was inevitable and that this has nothing to do with Islam as a religion. Offend any group as large as 1.6 billion people and sooner or later you will find 2-3 people — call them “fanatics” if you will — who will resort to violence to make you pay for it.

This is a statistical inevitability.  (See here)

Happy Wahabi


“What is going on here?” the Saker asks rhetorically. He thinks the Paris massacre is the French government’s version of 9/11. It gives them the pretext they need to intimidate and torture France’s 4.7 million Muslims and confiscate their Qur’ans.

Assuming this terrorist act was done by Muslims—something, incidentally, we have no right to assume right now—how many Muslims deserve to be arrested and tortured? The answer is three Muslims, at the very most, assuming you believe in torture like the Americans and Israelis.

How many Muslims had nothing to do with this act and are absolutely innocent? I will tell you: 1.5 billion Muslims minus three.

That’s a lot of innocent Muslims.

“I am disgusted beyond words,” the Saker concludes, “[with these people]  who made their money spitting in the souls of billions of people and then dared them to do something about it.

And I am under no illusion whatsoever about the fact that cui bono clearly indicates that the French regime either organized it all, or let it happen, or, at the very least, intends to make capital out of it.

But most of all I am disgusted with all those who play along and studiously avoid asking the right questions about all this. I guess they really are “Charlies”, all of them.

I am not.

I fully agree with everything the Saker has said.  At the risk of getting myself hated for exercising my freedom of speech, I would like to add a few points to the Saker’s courageous analysis. He is much to be commended for refusing to shed crocodile tears for this bunch of impudent scoundrels who made a living out of mocking 1.6 billion people and trampling on their most cherished values.

This I will say: if you keep goading people to a pitch of frenzy by ridiculing their religion and insulting their honor, sooner or later you will get your teeth smashed in. And deservedly so. Among the French cartoonists killed in Paris recently, I learn that one was a Jew and all the rest were devout Zionists blowing the trumpet for Israel. That’s interesting.

Let’s observe a minute’s silence and shed a few (hopefully genuine) tears for these “heroes” of free speech. After all, they didn’t deserve to be killed just for spitting in people’s faces for a living and smirking contemptuously, “Hey, this is freedom of speech! Aren’t we brave!” 

Insulting the prophet Mohammed in the name of free speech appeared to be their constant delight. For which they were paid, and paid quite generously, by those who have a vested interest in whipping up Islamophobia.

Mocking Christianity was also part of their agenda, much to the delight of international Jewry, their principal paymasters, who offered them both moral and financial support in their “satirical” undertakings — “hate speech” when used against Jews. but “satire” and “courageous free speech” when directed at Muslims and Christians, the Jews’ most hated enemies.

The Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman, the nice young lady who likes humping dogs and licking their anuses in various video skits—see here—and who gets many a cheap laugh by insulting Christianity in America, would have been a great hit with these satirical French journalists.

They would have loved her for saying, “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again—in a second!”


Sarah Silverman, exercising her right of “free speech.”

Ask yourself: would a Christian comedian be allowed to mock the Holocaust in the same way? Sarah, thank your lucky stars that Christian jihadists haven’t blown your brains out! No chance of that ever happening, I guess, since Christians believe in turning the right cheek when the Jew strikes the left one. Christianity has its uses, it seems. It keeps Christians docile and submissive and makes them only too happy to acquire virtue by being kicked around.

Freedom of speech is indeed precious.

Maybe insulting the prophet Mohammed will soon be made compulsory in order to drive all Muslims crazy. And then, when they have predictably reacted with rage to our constant provocations, we will have the perfect excuse we need to pull their beards, knock off their turbans, trample on their Qur’ans, obliterate Syria and Iran, grab hold of Middle Eastern  oil, and, finally, allow our favorite country, Israel, to expand its borders from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Note one thing, my friends: this freedom of speech, which is so very precious and of which we make such a fetish, does not include freedom to criticize Israel or question the Holocaust.

Make one satirical comment about Auschwitz, or express doubts about six million Jews dying in gas ovens, and you will end up behind bars in16 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.


You may mock Jesus Christ as much as you want, but you must not mock Anne Frank. Poke fun at Christ carrying his Cross—no problem!—but don’t dare to breathe a word about Anne Frank’s sacred ball point pen!

The French cartoonists who died recently (God rest their souls) never satirized Auschwitz. They would never have dared to expose “The Diary of Anne Frank” (see cartoon opposite) as a fake, by pointing out that much of it had been written with a ballpoint pen, invented only in 1951, whereas Anne Frank had died in Bergen-Belsen in 1945 and so couldn’t possibly have written the entire book herself.

Nor did these courageous French “martyrs for free speech” ever have the guts to criticize the war crimes of Israel. Oh no, they thought the Israelis were doing a fine job slaughtering  women and children in Gaza like flies—like this Palestinian child here, her face half blown off by an Israeli sniper.

These cowardly cartoonists  kept all their scorn for the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, much to the delight of the Jews whose dirty work they did so well and whose contemptible mercenaries they remained to their last dying breath.

Yes, they had it coming! They were asking for it! For blowback. For their just deserts. For the iron law of karma to take effect. — “The wheel has come full circle, I am here!”

But shush! be quiet!  don’t say it out too loud! Or you will suddenly learn the bitter truth: that only those who wear the iron boot have the right to free speech: to mock you and trample on all you hold dear, and that if you try and avenge your honor and smash the dirty bastards back in the teeth—heaven help you!

Terrorist, die! We’ll rip your fucking heart out! We’ll torture you to death!

So much for free speech, my friends. Free speech for them. For the rest of us, silence.

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