DAYR EL-ZOR:  The multiple attempts to overrun the Dayr El-Zor airbase commanded by SAA Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen has had a demoralizing effect on the ISIS terrorists as can be noted from intercepts of their frequent communications with commanders in Al-Raqqa and, evidently, in Turkey.  A sense of deflation after the startling invasion of Northern Iraq has set in.  It may be that they have come to the realization that Allah is not on their side and that the Jihad is a farrago of lies sold to them by Saudi-financed clerics whose duty is not to God, but to Mammon.  They have been stopped cold in their tracks at every front.

Al-Bughayliyya and Al-Jaheef:  We already reported the liberation of these 2 towns.  Yesterday, ISIS tried, once again, to re-infiltrate the area under the command of an “Abu ‘Uqba Al-Leebi”, a Libyan child molester.  They were stunned as a wall of fire took shape with SAA, PDC and Shu’aytaat tribesmen hurling lead at the attacking criminals.  Once it was clear that there was no way for them to enter, they disbanded in a anarchic pattern typical of beheaded chickens, most of their vehicles aflame from a variety of anti-tank weapons, mostly RPGs, which were shot at them from every angle.  As they were trying to escape certain death, SAA spotters noted 2 boats with ISIS criminals aboard floating toward the western shore to reinforce the defeated degenerates.  They were shot out of the water and my source notes that most could not swim, their flailing arms indicating their movement south where other tribesmen aimed at them like so many ducks in a Coney Island arcade.  The dead terrorists were named on ISIS websites and we, also, received a bigger list once the assessment was completed:

Sibti Al-Kareem Al-Sibti (Id pending)

Shaakir Saalih Al-Doori-Al-Muhammad

Badr ‘Ali Al-Rabee’   

‘Ali Jaabir Faanoos

“Abu ‘Abdul Rahmaan Al-Masri” (Id pending. EGYPTIAN NUTRIA)

Al-Kaak Mafsood Haylaani (?? Reportedly a LIBYAN HONEY DIPPER)

“Abu Al-Sab’ Al-Maraakishi” (Id pending. MOROCCAN SCHMOROCCAN)

‘Abdul-Haadi Samaawi

Yahyaa ‘Abdullah Al-Turki

Another 22 could not be identified and are deemed foreign.

Al-Bu-Layl Village:  Tribesmen armed by the SAA destroyed a car carrying ISIS terrorists in the Mu-Hassan area.  No further details.


Al-Mayadeen:  This is the town where illustrious Syrian Air Force colonel and runway janitor, Riyaadh Al-As’ad, lost his first leg. Tribesmen arrested 7 ISIS derelicts near the Center for Rural Development and turned them over to SAA-MI for warbling. The tribesmen were instructed not to dispatch their prisoners but to hand them over for interrogation.  I understand they were not happy and would have preferred to behead the beheaders.

Fighting reported on these fronts: Al-Saalih Farms, Al-Muhaymida, Al-Hissaan, Huwayjat Sakr, Al-Jubayla, Al-Rushdiyya, Al-Huwayqa, Al-Rusaafa, Al-‘Urfa, Al-Sinaa’ah.


الجهات المختصة تفكك عبوة ناسفة في حديقة المشفى الوطني بالحسكة

National Hospital Park in Al-Hasaka:  Security Services dismantled an IED planted near a parking spot at the park.  The IED was remote-controlled and contained 30kgs of military grade TNT and C-4 (Semtex) enhancer.  The TNT and C-4 were provided by Saudi Arabia.

City:  We are delighted to confirm the death of an ISIS criminal by the name of Ahmad ‘Aatallah Al-Majaali, a scion of one of the most ignorant tribes of Jordan.  The Majaalis have served the Hashemites of Jordan faithfully for decades.  Need we say more?  He was known as “Abu Al-‘Aadiyyaat Al-Urduni” (yawn), a reference to the 100th Koranic Chapter titled ‘Aadiyyaat or “the steeds which run with panting breath”.  Panting breath?  This Jordanteezian pederast was a notorious blowhard while a captain in the Hashemite Army, then, a bloviator at Al-Baab in Aleppo, and, then, penultimately, a bag of gas at Al-Qassr in Al-Karak in Der’ah.  He was assassinated by Syrian intelligence while sleeping with his favorite goat.  He was killed on December 30, 2014.

Tal Ahmadi:  On January 5, 2015, ISIS tried to infiltrate to this village in the Qaamishli area.  The pack was entirely made up of Tunisians.  All 9 were killed.  Their names have not been released.


Tal Ghazaal:  SAA sappers dismantled 5 IEDs, each with a 50kg TNT punch.  No one was injured.


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