The occupation forces arrested 14 Palestinians from the West Bank

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Nazi occupied Palestine – Jerusalem News : The occupation forces arrested 14 Palestinians from the Nazi occupied West Bank from last night until dawn today. 

In a statement, Al-Asir Club stated that the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young men Murad Abdullah Abu Ahour (23 years), Ibrahim Atta Al-Harimi (24 years), Anan Musa Al-Badan, and Hamza Amin Sabah (28 years) from Bethlehem.

He added that the occupation arrested Saeed Al-Faruq Abu Haniya and Abdullah Mustafa Radwan from the town of Azzun, Qalqilya District, in addition to Hamza Raja Ghaith, and Rajab Raji Ghaith from Hebron.

After summoning the investigation, the occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner, Jihad Emad Na’alwa (35 years old), who is from the Shweikeh neighborhood in Tulkarm. From Jenin, the detained captive Amr Shami Yusef and Wissam Khaled Samir Abu Salah from the town of Arabeh were arrested.

The army also arrested Ali Mahmoud Khwaira (30 years), Samer Ashteh (24 years old) and Ismail Al-Deek, who are from the town of Kafr Nima, Ramallah District.

Infection of a Palestinian prisoner in Al-Maskoubiyeh Nazi detention Camp with Corona virus


The Prison Authority of the Nazi occupying Power announced the diagnosis of a Palestinian prisoner with Corona virus “Covid 19”.

The Nazi Camp Authority said today, Friday, that the prisoner is 21 years old, a resident of the West Bank, noting that he was arrested the day before yesterday, Wednesday.

According to the statement of the Nazi Camp Authority in the occupation, a sample was taken from the prisoner the moment he arrived at the Al-Maskubiye Investigation Center.

Whereas, the Hebrew “Kan” channel said that 7 prisoners from the Prisons Authority in the Nazi occupation were imposed after the association with the injured Palestinian prisoner.

A Saudi minister defrauds a Palestinian businessman who owned $ 1.8 billion


Palestinian businessman Omar Ayesh, who holds Canadian citizenship, was subjected to a fraud by the Saudi Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, and his siblings by controlling his company and his money that exceeded $ 1.8 billion.

The International Justice Foundation in Washington revealed the details of the fraud suffered by Ayesh by the Saudi minister and his brothers

The Foundation stated that Ayesh, who owns Tameer Holding Company, which he founded in Dubai, UAE in 2008, is preparing for an initial public offering, as Gulf International Bank then valued the company’s portfolio at $ 5 billion, and Ayesh was the owner of 25% of the company at that time, but, His partners, through a sophisticated embezzlement scheme, defrauded him and seized his stake in the company .

Minister Al-Rajhi has transferred the assets of Tameer or sold them to companies owned by him and his brothers to destroy its total value and the share of Ayesh and hundreds of deposits made by foreign investors, according to the information, which is considered financial fraud, embezzlement, conflict of interest, violation of the credit obligation and embezzlement of assets.

 According to the information, businessman Omar Ayesh took the path of justice, and proceeded towards the Supreme Court in the United Arab Emirates (Ayesh v. Tameer, No. 1023 and 1027/2014) that ruled in his favor in 2018, but Al-Rajhi did not write any checks, while the doors to Tameer Surrounded by a yellow tape, it appears that the UAE does not have mechanisms to force Al-Rajhi to do so.

According to the institution that published the information, Minister Al-Rajhi used his influence and worked to threaten the expert arbitrator in this case, who issued a ruling in favor of Ayesh to obtain compensation in the amount of $ 1.8 billion, which forced this expert to resign.

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