ZIO=NAZI  PROPAGANDA wishes to convince the world that the Marmara Freedom Flotilla bound for Gaza on a humanitarian mission was actually a “terrorist” operation.

“Our soldiers were mobbed, they were beaten, there was even a report of gunfire…the soldiers had to defend themselves,” Netanyahu told reporters on the morning of the Zionist attack, May 31, 2010.

But why was there no mention by Netanyahu that his regime was the aggressor and assaulted the ship in international waters, being legal grounds for charging Zionist with war crimes?

And why is the Zionist-owned mass media suppressing all political dissent over the Zionist criminal attacks on unarmed civilians and inundating us instead with continual news ad infinitum on the BP oil spill “crisis?”

A civilian aid worker from Greece, named Michael Grigoropoulos, who was on the ship along with citizens from fifty countries, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a former US ambassador, gives a more reliable account than the lying Netanyahu:

“The Israelis rose suddenly and seized the ship. They kept us as hostages under degrading conditions with weapons turned on us.

The Israelis kept us as prisoners and used videos ordering us to undress. They even used electric shocks and rubber bullets on us. Our requests to have lawyers represent us were denied. It was endless physical abuse and psychological warfare.”

DISPLAYING TO THE WESTERN PRESS an array of photos showing Zio=Nazi soldiers being “attacked” with clubs, knives, and metallic “weapons” in BROAD DAYLIGHT, somehow does not square with the widespread reporting that the Zionist attack took place at 4 AM under the cover of deep darkness. And besides, everyone knows the Zionis are lying.

With 19 civilians killed (no Zionist casualties of course), with bloodied passengers sprawled on the deck and others diving into the sea to save themselves from the Zionist onslaught — and while hundreds of aid workers were towed from the international waters to Zionist detention camps — it is time to ask ourselves, “Is Israel truly a strategic ally of the US?”

Mortimer Zuckerman, billionaire Jewish owner of US News & World Report and self-appointed political analyst on the Zionist-Firster brigade, says “Yes.”

But Chas W. Freeman, former Assistant Secretary of Defense, and Philip Giraldi, a recognized authority on international security, both say “No.”

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