The General Conference of the IAEA

The 56th IAEA General Conference  ISRAHELL MISSING AGAIN!!!
The General Conference of the IAEA, which is scheduled to last five days, was opened today Monday Sept. 17 2012, at 10am in the M building of the UNOV. The opening session was attended by hundreds of high-level government representatives of the IAEA’s member states, international organisations, NGOs and dozens of journalists representing media from all over the world.Israel Absent from Start of 56th IAEA General Conference The delegation of Israel, the third party of the well-known conflict, was nowhere to be seen at the opening session of the conference.
The seats reserved for them remained empty during much of the session until much later, when representatives of another country occupied those seats so as to help keep them reserved for the Israeli delegation. Click on the image to enlarge it. Last but not least it should be noted that four demonstrators, who apparently were kindly  provided by the Israeli government press office, protested against the conference. The protesters were seen holding a very professional protest with placards, a table and propaganda flayers outside the UN building, speaking in Hebrew amongst themselves and in English to passers-by. The four demonstrators apparently were not of interest to any of the many journalists or photographers at the UN; I happened on them by accident. → Continue reading: The 56th IAEA General Conference
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ALSO IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY ISRAHELL IS TAKING THIS COURSE SEE THIS REPORT MEMMORANDUM ISSUED BY A ZIONIST ISRAHELLI THINK TANK LAST WEEK,IN REGARDS TO ANY UPCOMING ISSUES REGARDING ISRAEL AND IAEA,NPT ISSUE.   At the same time, the fulfillment of that policy objective – compliance with nonproliferation norms – increases the likelihood of the NPT’s one day becoming non-derogable customary law. That customary law, binding on Israel, could serve to limit Israel’s policy options.Should nonproliferation become customary law, Israel’s policy option of possession of nuclear weapons would become legally unavailable. Israel’s option of possessing nuclear weapons could become a victim of the nonproliferation regime’s success…a future argument that the nonproliferation regime has become binding customary law is not without risks for Israel.
It could provide further rhetorical ammunition to Israel’s foes. It could become a further claim of violation of international law and constitute a basis (or pretense) to maintain grievances against Israel even once regional peace agreements were signed.This is not to say that Israel should change its policy and encourage the nonproliferation regime’s failure and consequent nuclearization of the Middle East. Rather, the issue of customary law provides a reminder that even that policy has its risks. At present, these remain potential risks only. Should the nonproliferation regime succeed, however, Israel will need to present an aggressive and persistent argument that no customary rule exists or, failing thatargue that the NPT’s terms do not apply to Israel by virtue of its persistent objection.

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