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Kim’s Resolve to “Put The Past Behind Us”, Trump’s Commitment to Stop the War Games? What Next?
By Carla Stea, June 20, 2018
Though it is much too early to predict the course or outcome of the Singapore summit, in a  powerful gesture of reconciliation, following his supremely diplomatic meeting with DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un, (diplomacy during which Trump respectfully saluted a North Korean general, who had already saluted him,) President Trump unexpectedly announced his decision to halt the war games routinely held between the US and the ROK, which President Trump described as tremendously costly and “provocative.” 

Children’s Images: 1943 and 2018
By Roy Morrison, June 20, 2018
The children are criminal aliens, deserving of what the Nazis called “special treatment” or Sonderbehandlung which often meant execution. Donald Trumpand Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly call it “zero tolerance” to repel the “infestation” of brown skinned immigrants.

Leaving the UN Human Rights Council: Crimes against Humanity. Washington Endorses The State of Israel
By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, June 20, 2018
Accordingly, Haley announced that the United States would be withdrawing from “an organisation that is not worthy of its name”, peopled, as it were, by representatives from such states as China, Cuba, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Rallying Cry of a Nationwide Movement: “Chinga la Migra” (F*ck Border Patrol)
By Michelle Chen, June 20, 2018
The parents of migrant children are set to endure a separate nightmare in the coming months, fanned out across the country to detention centers where they will await legal judgement. Far from the border, the crisis bled into the Pacific Northwest in early June as scores of new detainees were funneled into the federal immigrant detention center at SeaTac, a city on the outskirts of Seattle.

From Nazi Germany to Japanese Internment Camps: Here’s the Disgusting History Behind Trump’s ‘Infest’
By Elizabeth Preza, June 20, 2018
Critics were quick to jump on Trump’s use of the word “infest,” which typically refers to insects or animals and immediately conjures images of disease and death. And with good reason; using such dehumanizing language to describe living, actual human beings has precursors in Nazi Germany and World War II Japanese Internment Camps, among other instances of human rights abuses.

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