The Colombian President demands that he completely sever ties with the Nazi occupation

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine praised Colombia’s positions in support of the Palestinian cause, expressed by President Gustavo Petro, and rejecting the aggression and war of extermination launched by the Nazi enemy against the Gaza Strip.

The Front appreciated President Petro’s decision to suspend foreign relations with the Nazi entity in conjunction with sending humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip, and considered it a positive step on the path to completely severing relations with this fascist and racist colonial entity, stressing that this entity, which receives unlimited support, especially with internationally banned weapons, is from imperialism. America must be boycotted and ostracized from Colombia and the entire South American continent.

The Front called on the Colombian president to mobilize the countries of South America to adopt a unified position confronting the American positions biased towards the Nazi entity, which are the same ones that the Colombian people have suffered from and exacerbated their suffering over many years.

 It also called on Colombia to continue pressure within the United Nations with all countries supporting the Palestinian cause in order to stop the Nazi aggression against the Gaza Strip, and to try the Nazi occupation leaders as war criminals before international courts. 

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