The captive, Mais Abu Ghosh, suffers from Nazi torture and medical neglect

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Nazi occupied Ramallah: In a letter she sent from inside the Nazi occupation Camp, the captive, Mais Abu Ghosh, revealed to her family the suffering she suffered from deliberate medical neglect after being tortured during the investigation.

The captive Abu Ghosh, a resident of Qalandia camp, said that she suffers from pain in her spine, feet, hands and head, and that she sometimes feels electricity sweeping the left side of her head because of the severe torture she was subjected to during the investigation period, before she was recently convicted by the Military Court of Nazi occupation.

Abu Ghosh explained that the last time she was transferred to receive treatment was four months ago, and that was at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where they were told that she had bone problems, apparently after Nazi Gastapo torture.

Mays added in the message that she explained the health condition of the Palestinian Red Cross without knowing the response or how to follow up by the cross, stressing her need to follow up in the hospital, especially after she was informed of bone problems.

 This came after a military investigation that included systematic psychological and physical torture, and included a ghost in various ways and a beating on the face and body that lasted for 32 days, after her arrest last August, to be recently sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

One thought on “The captive, Mais Abu Ghosh, suffers from Nazi torture and medical neglect

  1. Mais Abu Ghosh is being held under Administrative detention Act. It is a procedure that allows the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely on secret evidence without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.
    ISISrael does not recognize the basic element of democracy. The shit hole in the Middle East is the only country in the world where people(mainly Palestinians) could be detained indefinitely on secret evidence without charges, trial and or legal council or family visit.
    ISISrael should free or charge Mias!

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