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On January 15th the MENA Initiative hosted a panel discussion focused on the new investment opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. MENA Initiative DirectorBradley Bosserman moderated the wide ranging conversation.
[ed note;who is bradley bosserman?just a ziocon! see Ziocon:dont wait for assads fall to ”prepare – THENAKEDFACTS
Leslie Jump presented a robust vision of the exciting and fast-growing start-up culture that her venture capital fund is supporting. She discussed the opportunities and challenges presented by investing in early stage companies in the region and touched on her firm’s innovative new entrepreneurship accelerator in Cairo.
[ed notes:some backround on Leslie a Jump… Leslie A. Jump – Global Technology Symposium Leslie Jump has twenty-five years experience building, advising and investing in new companies, products and brands, in the US and across the globe. She is the co-founder of Cazeema Partners, a consulting firm which offers market, risk, and financial assessments to companies and organizations seeking to do business in the Middle East.  she is a Partner in Sawari Ventures, LLC, a Cairo-based early stage venture capital firm investing in entrepreneurs across the MENA region [ed note;about  leslie jump…

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View Feb 5, 2011 – GEP Partner Spotlight: Sawari Ventures

  [ed note: besides her group affiliations and networking enterprises thru u.s. state dept,(nation building racket)her husband is a once us ambassador!  In collaboration with her partner and husband, Amb. (ret.) Edward S. Walker, Jr, she offers market, risk, and financial assessments to companies and organizations who wish to do business in the Middle East 
[ed note;who was he besides a former us ambassador?he was also a scholar from middle east institutes policy center,wich is a hotbed of zionist arabs aligned with ziocons spokespersons(many fellows at MEI actually come from WINEP) sponsored by worlds leading criminal corporations, some backround on mei brittains subversive tactics on regime change – THENAKEDFACTS globalists,zionists,and msm puppets gather on syri – thenakedfacts Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS in fact he was its president and ceo for over 5 years!he was also us ambassador to Israhell and is a staunch Zhimself! Now i should also note,while in egypt heworked with mubarak to reform egypts economy(the neoliberal reform that is).
worst even he worked with mubaraks intelligence apparatus on security and counter terrorism(so he was advising basically the very same intelligence system wich was responsible for torture,rendition programs,and repression of activism in egypt)  In Egypt he worked with Vice President Al Gore and President Hosni Mubarak on a major initiative to reform the Egyptian economy. Walker also worked with US and Egyptian intelligence officials to counter the terrorist threat facing that country.Walker previously worked with Colin Powell in the new Bush Administration as assistant secretary of state for Near-Eastern affairs, a position he had previously held under  Madeleine Albright during the second Clinton administration. During the Fall 2008 he is teaching “Global Challenges” and “Terrorism, Islam and Counter-terrorism”. In the spring 2009 he will teach “Democracy, Religion and International Cooperation” and “International Decision-Making.”[4]
Phillip Blumberg explained how his company is overcoming hurdles in order to bring their proprietary new agriculture technology to market in North Africa and the Middle East. He shared his unique experience of doing business in the region and argued that many more opportunities can be made available by effectively aligning US policy with the needs of private sector firms interested in long-term regional investments.
[ed notes;this is the kind of vultures invading MENA region after arab spring..phil blumberg(zionist jew)…bringing new agriculture technologies to region my my a#@! Philip F. Blumberg Philip Blumberg is a well-recognized entrepreneur, investor and civic leader. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Blumberg Capital Partners group of companies, Mr. Blumberg has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in the fields of food storage and security, the [[[[[[[sourcing of rare earths and strategic resources, manufacturing, and the productive management of real estate assets]]]]]]. Mr. Blumberg serves on the Board of Governors of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and has served on that organization’s Board of Directors for ten years.He was Chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for 2000-2001.Mr. Blumberg was selected to participate in the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC-64) in April 2001 conducted by the U. S. Department of Defense.   [ed note:more on zio-jew blumberg capital group The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in San Francisco with team members located in New York and Israel. 

The 2011 US/Israel Venture Summit

Aisling Capital, BD Technologies. Best Buy Capital, BioStar Ventures. Blumberg CapitalBridge Investment Fund. Canaan Partners, Canaan Partners


[ed note:what conclusion can we draw from this minute and small exmaple above?that the arab spring is positioning zionists in a perfect position to conquer MENA region,under the guise of economic development,investment and enterprising,all of wich are set up by us state dept and us govt(wich is zionist ran of course)also see more examples… Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS zio arab spring, mena region – THENAKEDFACTS  Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS  Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS

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