Teacher burns her university degrees, leaves teaching

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Ramallah: Palestinian teacher Raja Lahlouh burned her undergraduate and bachelors degree in English because of her forced retirement since 2018 due to her union activities with a group of teachers.

Teacher Lahlouh stood in front of Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ Ministry of Education headquarters, holding her university diplomas and burning them after she sent a video message in which she spoke about the reality of the teacher.

Lahlouh wrote a letter to the Minister of Education, Marwan Awartani, and PM Muhammad Shtayyeh, in which she said: “I am an English teacher, Raja, with a masters degree in English, and I have worked for 16 years in the field of teaching.”

She added: “I wake up at five in the morning in order to catch up and prepare my children and myself for school and stand in the morning assembly at seven and a half hours, regardless of the health and psychological situation.”

And she continued in his message dominated by the colloquial language: “School classes start consecutively, and as a teacher, I work on a daily basis, different interactions with students, daily consecutive fatigue, and the different work between teaching, preparing and correcting tests, and other activities.”

And she continued: “Despite all the circumstances, I was patient and enduring, but I reached a final decision after retiring, forcing me from the government and I promised for private work to retire completely, because the teachers are the most miserable, and by modernizing the female of them, I decided to divorce the education completely.”


A message to everyone who is interested. A letter to His Excellency the Minister of Education.

A letter to the Prime Minister.

I am an English language teacher. Please, Lahlouh, who holds a master’s degree in English.

Morning queue to stop in front of the students. What was my health and psychological situation? The shares were taken out, the share was behind the share, I went up the stairs, and I went down the stairs, and I got out of a row, and I stood on my leg, and I talked, I wrote, and I set up a class, and so, so listen, my dear, calm down, be careful, and leave me with the opportunity to shrink.

My pain is what I drink, and I am a thousand and turn around like the shuttle. Go astray and turn among the students to correct and follow my eyes b How can they grow up with the heck of a complement with the sincerity of the workmanship by the fact that I have concluded with him, but I have to take with me a house a bag full of exam papers and preparation books so that I can move from me with my house back floating but I have to add and cook and I will see my children dubk work how much work it will be at night and I am tired from the school The coffee is correct for me, so I can prepare my job and sleep over Examination papers for the second day because the wheel comes back spinning in the same way, and with all this.

I was patient and endured, but today I arrived at a final, correct decision that after I retired, I was forced by the government, I returned to the private, but for good enough, my grandfather ended my hand because he was the most miserable employee who is the teacher, especially female teachers, and I reached my decision I launched education, a definite divorce, and I came to this decision, because the teacher is hard, tired, hard, and with a teacher’s hope, he does not live up to his status and all the thrust and slapping on him, and to him by giving orders behind their air-conditioned offices and their rocking chairs ..

I will be satisfied enough because the salary that the teacher takes is equivalent to a quarter of fatigue and effort To give it with NH in other Bikunoa diagnosed allowance and air Ptnamoa offices on tea and coffee ..ma we all knows how Kadih teacher tagged Ptabboa and Kadih Bouksroa of their health Ahan generations bring up what it requires .. rear
I decided to finish my career in education in private schools violin
true government forced two norms , but I’m resigned today and Hadt myself and earn my health and my health and my dignity before all Washi … eBay Schools
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