Syrian father offers his two children for sale

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

After deporting his wife, “Ahmed” tried to sell his two minor children .. So, his first child was offered for sale before the aunt received him and traveled with him and registered on her name, and when the youngest child was put in the sale fee, the father was arrested to confess what he had done.

The defendant, “Ahmed F.” (31 years), is a Syrian citizen residing in Lebanon, who was previously married to “Rashida A.” Which has been arrested and deported by the Lebanese General Security because its residency expired, and “Ahmed” of “Rachida” has had two children who are still minors.

After deporting his wife, Ahmed tried to sell his eldest son and ended up giving him up, as he gave him to his sister who registered him for her name and took him with her to Syria, but he soon died as he was suffering from malnutrition.

The condition of the father worsened, and he resolved to sell his second son, Ahmed, but his arrest prevented it.

“Ahmad” confessed to trying to sell his two children, and that he gave the two of them to his sister before God passed away and then tried to sell his younger child before he was arrested and put the child in one of the social welfare homes.

Beirut Investigative Judge Bilal Halawi issued his indictment, requesting that the defendant’s action be applied in the case of misdemeanor Article 500 | 257 penalties and refer him to trial before a single criminal judge in Beirut.

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