A dispute with her husband ended in her ignition

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A dispute with her husband ended in her ignition … an angel of a new victim of domestic violence

Source: Al-Nahar

A new family violence case is emerging from behind the walls, generating public opinion, highlighting the psychological and physical suffering of a number of women. This time, it was written that Malak Al-Zubaidi was to be the new victim of a married life that did not provide her with rest and stability, and the result was burns that affected 50 percent of her body after a dispute with her husband, which ended in igniting herself.

A catastrophic threat

Today an angel (20 years) fights death. From Iraq, she will go to Lebanon to continue her treatment, according to what her sister Sarah told Al-Nahar, explaining: “Her condition is serious, she suffers from third-degree burns, all because of a husband who has been more tortured and deprived of her family,” and what happened, she said: “A week ago There was a problem between an angel and her husband (25 years), who hit her with a wire in front of his family, to go out of the house before he came back again, and when he saw her crying, he hit her again, then she threatened to burn herself if he did not take her to her family’s house, and she went to the garden where she poured petrol on Her body, and instead of placating her, he gave her a lighter for the disaster to follow, “indicating that” an angel told us that it was not She had the intention to burn herself, but was trying to pressure Muhammad, and it never occurred to her that her threat to lighten would ignite gasoline immediately, stressing: “A quarter of an hour is burning without anyone trying to extinguish it, while it was not transferred to the hospital until an hour later.”

Constant taunting

“It is not the first time that an angel (from Najaf) abused her relationship with her husband, whom she was married to eight months ago after a love story, which was bad from the beginning,” Sarah explained explaining: “He chose her from the beginning between him and her family, and this was against the background of my parents refusing to be associated with him.” Being married and having a son, he threatened her if she preferred them to him, to kill them, so she was communicating with them secretly through his phone and reassuring them about her condition, and she visited them only once after her marriage, when my mother was coming from Turkey, she came to see her quickly and she was beaten by him. , Pointing out that “Muhammad’s father, who is a colonel in the army, sought for his son to agree to calm down Souls and allow my sister to visit us. “

Arrest and denial

“After the disaster, my mother received a phone call from her husband’s family. I told her that Malak suffered minor burns and was taken to the hospital. She rushed there, but was initially denied entry due to Muhammad’s impersonation of her character, while Muhammad’s father stated that what happened was fate and destiny, and that the cause of burning The owners of the gas stove, ”Sarah said, pointing out that“ we filed a complaint against Muhammad and he is currently arrested and denies his involvement in the issue of my sister’s combustion, but the Minister of Interior and the police chief cares about the case and deals with it with a high professionalism, as his brother was also arrested because he was also beaten. ” .

The issue from the opposite point of view

For her part, the mother of Malak’s husband said, in a video that was circulated on social media, that “Malak lives with us and we consider her as our daughter, and the accident happened at seven thirty in the evening that day, when we heard a screaming sound in the garden, my husband hurried and my son Ahmed In order to extinguish an angel, as for Muhammad, he started screaming without knowing what he had to do. We hurried to her to the hospital. We called her mother and informed her that her daughter had been burned. My fear is that she will collapse as a mother and know how the mother will feel when she sees her mother This is the case. ” Regarding the cause of the problem, she said: “Whatever the reasons, the matter should not reach a person until he harms himself, for every problem has a solution, even if her husband beats her.” And whether the first incident occurred between an angel and her husband, she said: With the blade and the knife. ”

The story of Malak brings to mind the issue of Israa Gharib, who raised public opinion after she paid her life as a result of domestic violence. How many angel and Israa are still tormented without their grief coming out into the open.

It is noteworthy that several global campaigns were launched in conjunction with the domestic quarantine to protect women from domestic violence, and the security forces’ data documented an increase in these violence cases.

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