مقتل 20 إرهابياً باستهداف الجيش السوري اجتماعاً قيادياً لـ

DAMASCUS:  We can confirm the deaths of 27 Nusra rodents meeting in Syria after entering through routes from Lebanon to the areas around the town of Faleeta and Waadi ‘Ajram.  With superb intelligence available from sources in Lebanon (it appears Nusra can’t do anything without announcing it on a loudspeaker), the SAA was fully prepared to greet the creeping, crawling vermin as they were surrounded and within range of the SAA’s vaunted artillery.  It was a turkey shoot.  The rats tried to regain order and regroup so as to make an organized retreat back to their sewer in Lebanon, but, the Syrian commander on the scene would not give them quarter and the barrages of shells continued for over a half hour.  The carcasses of these nihilists are scattered in limbs and disconnected thoraces all over the countryside.  They will be collected and ground into fertilizer.  27 rodents are confirmed dead and an assessment at the scene adds that there were 7 major field rat commanders among them.  5 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed also.  Real horrorshow for rats.

Abu Maalik Al-Talli” (Id pending. Major Nusra Ameer and notorious child molester)

Other names will be coming once the information is cleared.

 Abu Maalik Al-Talli on the road to Faleeta

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