مقتل 20 إرهابياً في دوما.. وتدمير مضادات طيران في جرود القلمون


Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  This is where the rat ‘Alloosh sucks on his thumb in his favorite spider hole.  The SAA is very close to him now.  His every word, be it in code or his trademark stutter, is monitored.  The Jaysh Al-Islam he commands cannot undertake any operation any longer without it being known in advance by the SAA.  Yesterday, these rodents were killed close to ‘Alloosh’s HQ:

Adnaan Al-Dibs (reportedly a leader of one pack of rats belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam, yawn)

Faarooq ‘Abdul-‘Aal

Mahmoud ‘Azeez

Fayyaadh Al-Qooti

Another 4 could not be identified.

Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  Another precise operation brought the SAA even closer to ‘Alloosh’s beard:

Khaleel Al-Daalaati (another rat leader of the group)

Subhi Muhammad

“Abu Haamid Al-Dimashqi” (Id pending)

Another 3 were killed with no papers on their carcasses. 4 were taken prisoner for warbling.

‘Irbeen:  Near the Al-Ghubayr Square, a nest was invaded by SAA and NDF.  Only one was killed.  All 8 remaining surrendered:

Sultaan Al-Fawwaal

Harastaa Farms-Al-Qantara:  The SAA killed 5 Nusra rats and wounded several others.  No names available.

Harastaa:  East of the Secondary Roundabout, SAA killed 2 rodents:

‘Ali Al-Ahdab

Firaas Ahmad Hamaada

Jawbar:  East of the Al-Manaasher Roundabout.  SAA killed a number of rats.  No details available.

Baalaa Farms:  Now liberated.  Fighting on the outskirts netted 14 Nusra hyenas with over 20 wounded.  No details.

‘Assaal Al-Ward in the Qalamoon:  Another decrepit effort to infiltrate from Lebanon into Syria went awry when alert MI observers monitored their every move and communicated them to SAA, NDF and Border Control.  A 23mm anti-aircraft cannon was destroyed by ground forces and 11 carcasses were counted before the rats scurried back into the Lebanon.

Al-Zamraani Crossing in Qaarra:  A Nusra freak leader was killed with 5 of his rats trying to infiltrate back into Syria. I will have his name later.


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