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Makhroom:  Army officials have announced the deaths of scores of rats after a lengthy battle with ISIS in this area.  The scene is still being assessed and no details have been published so far.

Umm Al-Kibar:  On the Euphrates.  More fighting as the SAA is beginning to dislodge formerly entrenched ISIS rodents from this area.

Al-Sadeeq Crossroad in the ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Mountain area on the road to Tal-Tamr 40 kms from the city, the SAAF killed 14 ISIS vultures based on an aerial assessment. No names.

Sabaah Al-Khayr area:  30 kms from the city, SAA cleaned out a nest of ISIS rats.

Al-Khamaa’il and Al-Maylabiyya:  Fighting with no details.

SYRIAN ARMY HAS ESTABLISHED FULL CONTROL OVER THE TOWNS OF AL-KHAYR AND AL-JAMMOOL.  This was accomplished a few hours ago on Thursday, November 27, 2014.

URGENT:  IDLIB:  The SAA has established total control over Humaymaat Town and Al-Mustareeha.  At the villages of Wurayda, Al-Majaass, Tal Al-Lawz, the SAA and NDF have just killed over 45 buzzards from Nusra and taken over 90 prisoners.  The number of wounded is quite large but we have no figures yet. 

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