Syria militants defacto mercenaries of Israel: Analyst

Interview with Kevin Barrett
Obviously Israel is the main winner in any destabilization effort in Syria and so I think that these so-called al-Qaeda mercenaries that people…, that the Saudis are letting out of prison to go and kill people in Syria are really defacto Israeli mercenaries and one of these days, I think that people in the Persian Gulf region are going to figure this out.”
An analyst says that the armed al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria are “defacto Israeli mercenaries”, trying to destabilize the country by “driving a wedge into the split” there in order to satisfy Israel’s regional interests.

In the latest development of the armed crisis in Syria, the Zionist regime’s fighter jets violated the Syrian airspace and bombarded a research center near the capital city of Damascus on Wednesday, January 30. Meanwhile the Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili condemned the raid saying that the Zionist regime of Tel Aviv will regret attacking Syria. Syria has been experiencing a foreign-sponsored armed rebellion since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the fighting. According to the Syrian government, the chaos is being orchestrated from outside of the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals belonging to the extremist and terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front backed by some regional and Western countries.
To discuss the issue at hand, Press TV has conducted an interview with Mr. Kevin Barrett, with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance from the Iranian capital city of Tehran. He is joined by two additional guests on Press TV’s The Debate program: Eric Draitser, founder of from New York City and Richard Hellman, with the Middle East Research Center from Washington D.C. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Mr. Kevin Barrett, what does the Israeli intervention in Syria, basically, mean to you?
Some are saying that Israel is concerned, that President Assad is losing his grip on power, as a result on his country’s arsenal including the chemical weapons.
Again the concerns that have been raised on the issue of Syria’s weapons and how this is going to affect the region and this is pointed out, rather, as a major concern for Israel and the United States.
Barrett: Well, I think that that is nonsense. The chemical weapons issue is disinformation. We have caught these al-Qaeda, so-called Syrian rebel groups funded by the Zionists and by the Saudis, making plans for false flag attacks with chemical weapons to be blamed on the Syrian government. So I do not think that that is the reason at all.

I think that this is a last ditch desperate act because they are not making any progress. The insurgency in Syria which is really more of a destabilization effort directed by foreigners is bogged down and I think what this attack on Damascus really reveals, is an amazing convergence between Israel and al-Qaeda. They seem to be on the same side, all the time.
Israel is destabilizing Syria, al-Qaeda is destabilizing Syria; Israel wants to undermine Lebanon, al-Qaeda undermines Lebanon. You know, al-Qaeda runs around attacking Muslims all over the world and Israel runs around attacking Muslims all over the world and it makes me wonder whether maybe Israel is actually just another branch of al-Qaeda.

So I think that I am going to write a letter to President Obama and ask him to consider a drone strike against the chief of the al-Qaeda branch of occupied Palestine, whose name happens to be Benjamin Netanyahu.
Press TV: Let us just look at how the Syrian government has been responding to this Israeli strike.
We had the Syrian Defense Minister General Fahd Jassem al-Freij, I will put this question to Kevin Barrett; we had him saying that Israel attacked the research center because rebels were unable to capture it and he called the rebels, “Israel’s tools”.
Now Assad also said that the raid unmasked the true role that Israel is playing; he said, in collaboration with foreign enemy forces and their agents on Syrian soil
So would you say that as the government in Syria is saying that Israel was, from the beginning point, collaborating with the insurgents; though not directly?
Barrett: Well, absolutely. Israel has been trying to destabilize its neighboring countries for decades.

The Yinon plan, which was revealed back around, I believe 1970, set out the Israeli strategy for future decades and that strategy was based on balkanizing the Middle East; breaking up the nations around the region which could pose a strategic threat to Israel some day because the people of the region have no use for Israeli apartheid, so in order to deal with this unsustainable situation in this settler colony in Palestine, they have decided that they are going to have to break up the countries around them into the small and powerless units and to do that they are striking on the fault lines that already exist; the fault lines of the Sunni- Shiite divide; the fault lines between different ethnic groups, the Kurds, etc. the Alawites in Syria versus the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wherever there is this kind of dispute in a country, anywhere, is Israel. You can bet that the Israelis are working overtime to drive a wedge into that split and to destroy the country.
You know, they have already turned Iraq into, virtually, three independent entities, they have driven so many people out of Iraq, they have turned Libya into a basket case, they have smashed Sudan into two pieces, this is the largest Arab country geographically as well as the largest African country; and so it is obvious that Israel is the main winner in any destabilization effort in Syria and so I think that these so-called al-Qaeda mercenaries that people…, that the Saudis are letting out of prison to go and kill people in Syria are really defacto Israeli mercenaries and one of these days, I think that people in the Persian Gulf region are going to figure this out.
Press TV: There are those who disagree with this said about Israel’s role. Let us just go to another comment that is being put on our Facebook page; before I put this question to Mr. Barrett.
One of our viewers on our Facebook page, in response to that question that we put up about, of course, Israel’s role in the Syrian Situation; [What is Israel’s role in the Syrian crisis? Is it trying to destabilize Syria?] has said…, the person putting the name of Stan Li Mudenda, and he said: “Arabs are just paranoid, every problem they have with each other they quickly point at blame Israel and America.
Since when did we see Israelis fighting in Syria? Syria was destabilized long before that alleged Israeli bombing of that arms manufacturing plant. You cannot certainly say that Israel is responsible for the confusion in Syria, you are just gullible people.”
So, Kevin Barrett what would you say to that?
Barrett: Well, he was saying that Arabs are paranoid and…, I am not Arab and here at Press TV in Tehran there are not that many people who are Arab so…, you know, there is an old saying from 60’s; the hippies used to say “just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you” and, you know, they are out to get you.
In this case there is a very good reason for the apparent paranoia about Israel and that is because Israel has been playing this extremely aggressive and destabilizing role in the region ever since it was founded and the Israeli strategists apparently decided that it had to play that role, they had a choice at some point to live with its neighbors peacefully within their United Nations borders or then even within their pre-1967 borders and they did not want to do that and instead they engineered a war of aggression in 1967, stole a lot of territory including the most important, spiritually important territory on earth, the city of al-Quds or Jerusalem; and they have been intervening all over the world with their false flag attacks.
They have attacked Americans in Egypt and tried to blame Arabs, they have…, well I am convinced that they are a major force behind the 9/11 attacks as well as the other post 9/11 attacks in London, Bali, Madrid and so on.

The Israelis are running around making a lot of trouble, they are the most aggressive country in the world, pound for pound, and their Mossad has, as a model, “By way of deception thou shalt do war, By way of deception thou shalt do war”.

They are bragging about the fact that they are sneaking around lying, blaming things on other people and undermining all of their neighbors and they have even admitted this as I said this in the Yinon plan that was published many decades ago; that their plan is to break up the Middle East into little pieces. They are not even hiding that.
So to call Arabs and other Middle Easterners paranoid for noticing reality, I think, is pretty naïve and I think it is the people in the West and particularly in the USA who have no clue about what is really going on in the Middle East and I say this as a Middle East studies Ph.D that, you know, I did not know either until I had studied the stuff and the more I learned, I guess the more paranoid about Israel I got.
Press TV: Mr. Barrett you told us, at the beginning of the program, that you think that the Israeli strike proves the military approach against Assad has reached a dead-end point, it is failed and now we are hearing news of the head of the opposition National Coalition [Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib], which has been and is supported by the West; speaking with Russia, speaking with Iran and saying that we are ready to engage in negotiations with the Assad government.
First of all do you think that he…, Mr. Khatib himself, is engaging in these talks with the backing of the USA, with the backing of the same countries that were against these talks with Iran and Russia?
Barrett: Yes, I think that these countries who are trying to destabilize Syria have reached a dead-end and they know it and I think that we can understand this just by asking yourselves what is the political fallout of an Israeli attack on Syria which reveals the Israelis who are universally detested here in the Middle East as major players in this operation to destabilize Syria? This, from a public relations perspective, this seems pretty stupid.
How are you going to continue to convince radical Saudis to come and fight in Syria when you see that it is actually the Israelis that are doing this?
So I think that when they have to resort to something, this is desperate, it is a sign that we are nearing the end of the road and I think that it is likely that the US, Turkey, the Saudis and of course the Israelis who I think are actually running this; I think the Israelis run the US’ Middle East policy, contrary to the opinion of our guest; I think that none of this is in the US interest.
The US interest would be in a stable Middle East. The US is going broke paying for policing the world because of all this chaos that Israelis who took over the United States on a coup d’état on September 11, 2001, are creating.

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