“Synthetic Left” Joins “Corporate Right” in Getting Ukraine War Wrong. Historical Analysis

Ukraine war: Ten Russian soldiers accused of war crimes in Bucha named by  Ukraine prosecutor | World News | Sky News
By Max Parry,

Since the Russian military operation to de-Nazify and de-militarize Ukraine began in late February, there is a common misperception that the Western left is “split” over the conflict in its respon
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Video: WashPost’s Doxing of @LibsOfTikTok Reveals Who Corporate Journalists See as Their Targets

By Glenn Greenwald,
Trump-era corporate journalism ceased viewing real power centers as adversaries (CIA/NSA/FBI/WallSt). The real enemy are citizens with the wrong politics. Rather than confront real power centers, the largest and richest media corporations – e.g. the Bezos-owned WPost – allied with those factions and attack citizens.
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The Global Virome Project (GVP) and “The China Connection”

By Matt Ridley and Prasenjit Ray,
In August 2016, a group of public health experts, policymakers and donors met in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Conference Center overlooking Lake Como. Their aim was ambitious: to agree on “bold global action” that would mark the “beginning of the end of the pandemic era”. In other words, they hoped to find which viruses might cause the next pandemic, and get a head start on developing vaccines and drugs.
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The COVID Mandates and “The Right to Smile”

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky,
Smiling is also a means of expressing love and emotion, which has been suppressed by the Covid mandates. Is it relevant? The devastating impacts of the covid mandates on mental health, (including a wave of suicides) which are largely the result of social engineering are amply documented.
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Turkey Says Some NATO Members Want Longer Ukraine War to Hurt Russia

By Dave DeCamp,
Since Russia invaded on February 24, the US and many of its NATO allies have abandoned diplomacy with Russia. Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution, the Western powers are pouring weapons into Ukraine and waging an economic sanctions campaign against Russia.
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“Pandemic Treaty” Will Hand WHO Keys to Global Government

By Kit Knightly,
The first public hearings on the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” are closed, with the next round due to start in mid-June. We’ve been trying to keep this issue on our front page, entirely because the mainstream is so keen to ignore it and keep churning out partisan war porn and propaganda.
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Indonesia Bans Edible Oil Exports, Sparks “Mayhem” as Global Food Crisis Ahead

By Zero Hedge,
The world’s biggest palm oil producer, Indonesia, is the latest country to embrace protectionist measures to mitigate domestic food shortages, according to Bloomberg.
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Israel Is Still Arming Ukrainian Nazis

By Asa Winstanley,
A video published by Ukraine’s Azov Battalion on Twitter this week showed one of its fighters firing an anti-tank missile. In the tweet Azov claimed it had hit a Russian vehicle. Israeli media on Wednesday identified the missile system in the Azov video as a Matador, a weapon developed by a consortium involving Rafael, a state-owned Israeli arms manufacturer.
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What Is COVID Injection Fatality Rate?

By Tessa Lena,
Dr. Pantazatos mentioned in the interview that even before 2020, he was well aware of the fact that the process of getting scientific works published in prestigious journals was tainted. He referred to the 2005 article in “PLOS Medicine” called, “Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies” that talked about how exactly the journals are incentivized by pharma companies.
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Governments, Industry and Conservationists vs Tribal and Indigenous peoples. Aren’t There Better Ways to Mend the Earth?

By Michael Welch,
On the Earth Day organizing site earthday.org there is a lot of attention focused on climate change, regenerative agriculture, rejecting plastic, cleaning up or avoiding litter, conservation and restoration. There is however very little said about the role of Indigenous people in protecting natural habitats.
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