Sunday Morning, September 9th, 2012


Catching Up On What May Be Real

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

If we have news this week, it involves Russia.  Putin drives me crazy.  He is hard to understand, one week, he is surrounded by Israeli oligarchs, doing the full “Obama” and the next week, his backbone and sanity has returned.

This week Putin, despite pronouncements about non-existent nukes in Iran, almost defended them when the west asked for new sanctions against both Iran and Syria.
Increasingly Iran, Syria and quite secretly, Iraq are beginning to realize, despite the intrigues I see part of and will not outline as most of you haven’t done anything really bad, that they will survive together or die.
Pakistan is sitting at the edge of this and watched the Haqqani Networks go on the terror list despite the fact they are CIA assets, something you can consider a leak.
This is election insanity.  Pakistan now thinks we are nuts.  To keep up on Pakistan, go to  It is a highly reliable site, not everything is correct but their founder, Raja Mujtaba, is miles beyond any other news source anywhere.  He is a brilliant  analyst and a close friend.
Secretary Clinton is asking Russia to become an American puppet and we will drop sanctions on Russia that should have disappeared decades ago.
Russia provides the world’s fertilizer, much of its iron, oil, gas, drowns in money and is capable of building weapons systems better than we are.  They do not, however, have a massive army and navy and see no reason to.
We, on the other hand, have built a massive and largely privatized special operations capability of which one of our companies is actually not a minor part.  It has been a clear path to employment and profits, something any corporation is answerable for but has ended up building a very complex war lobby that effects how all of Washington thinks and has infected many in the Pentagon and think tanks by paying people, not cash but promises in many cases, to be totally nuts.
Russia is responding to the highly successful Non-Aligned Nations meeting in Tehran that ended a week ago.  It is obvious that 120 nations are, to varying degrees, willing to follow Iran, not to war, but to an independent path that, if anything, the US should join.
Russia sent an observer, saw what was going on, listened to the speakers and heard their complaints.  They are sick and tired of the UN being what it is, a leftover of World War II, where 5 nations and whoever is capable of buying them, as the US and Britain have a history of obscene corruption, running the planet.
UN sanctions, their choice of enemies, whoever is attacked is usually picked out by oil companies and/or gangsters.
The UN is an embarrassment as it sits and Putin and the Non-Aligned Nations are right, it has become a threat to the world.  In saying this, I worked for the UN, I work on UN projects and they still do much to aid the world but not the Security Council.
It has to go though it is the basis for American power and the veto that gives that power is continually exercised by the US and Russia to protect friends from needed butt kicking.
The Japanese, though to be a debtor nation, have taken much of the world in hand and are propping up the Euro.  They are drowning in debt but owe the money to themselves, a unique situation.
Their actions have been almost heroic.  Our fear, initially, is banking collapse in Spain (a project I am working on) and Greece, which is even more difficult.
A wider rethinking of human values, African development, the use of transitory labor, a kind way of saying “human trafficking” and the demilitarization of Central Asia is a start.
This year, India alone has contracted for $47 billion in weapons from Israel.
The NAM (described above) has suggested Israel be restructured.  I am willing to do this:

  • Advocate nations recognize Israel
  • Demand Israel write a constitution giving equal rights to all
  • That the UN with the US, Russia, Egypt and Israel settle the Gaza issue, take down the wall and set up a large peacekeeping force, international, to end all Israeli responsibility in the area. 
  • I don’t believe the return to the 1949 borders is reasonable but filling Israel with politically extremist Russian immigrants, most now non-Jews, is a con. 
  • Israel should be able to claim to be a Jewish homeland but should be required to consolidate Jewish settlement, return lands and a general regional effort, based on the restructuring of the Middle East, should offer realistic hope to the Palestinian people.
  • I think Israel will survive just fine with more than just the 800,000 remaining Palestinians, that “returns” should begin.

Currently, we have expanded to full civil war in Syria.  There is a legitimate aspect and much foreign interference.  There has to be political restructuring in Syria as it was needed in Libya and the current war isn’t going to do it.
Syria is militarily strong, too many are dying and it has become old “east/west” rhetoric with ignorant anti-imperialists making things worse.
Assad is capable of ruling the country but his form of government must go.  This is a dictatorship that denies key freedoms and Syria has, through machinations I can barely describe involving Kurdistan, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel, with Russian backing, gotten into this problem.
Bombing and sanctions aren’t going to help and need to be ended as UN policy,not just Syria but Iran as well.  Russia has failed in leadership but, with its requests, recently rebuffed by the US which is “Israel minded” is making things worse.
The Middle East as we know it is gone.  Americans have to be educated, they have to know who Arabs are and aren’t, to understand Islam, to understand real terrorism from false terrorism and the real roots of extremism.
America has been stupid and has made things worse.  Bush was a nightmare and I oppose Romney because he has tied himself to criminal elements that plan on profiting from broad warfare in the Middle East.
He is a very shallow individual.
Iran has to be engaged, Biden has to go there.  The IAEA, the “atomic inspectors” are total idiots, bribed and playing games.  Those stupid enough to parrot their silliness, even Putin, have to stop.
Additionally, however, Iran is talking too much about nuclear power and not alternative energy.  They are concerned about electricity from nuclear power and the guarantee of a supply of fuel rods from the west when there are other directions.
We, the US and others, need to move our own nations and Iran to energy independence using advanced fusion technologies, I have been briefed and we are being lied to and sandbagged as to why we no longer need nuclear and coal by bribes paid by lobbyists.
Every nuclear power plant, especially the dangerous GE plants in the US and elsewhere have to be removed and replaced with green energy quickly and, as Obama continually says in political commercials, the industry that will save America involves green energy technology.
America has to make things and use science.
America and the world is being paralyzed and impoverished by lobbyists working for the “radiation and smoke”  lobby and some of those involved are friends.  I love seeing them working and being paid but the “tree huggers” are right as Germany and Japan will gladly tell you.
France and Britain are hopelessly tied to nuclear power.  It is going to be a disaster, beyond that.
My next issue is Africa where I will be spending some time working on development projects.
The US has to restructure its Africa Command and, though it is doing so and has brought in some qualified people, I can’t discuss more, does not show it has a cohesive plan based on the broad committment the US has toward taking over as the leading power in Africa.
If you didn’t know, in 5 years, the US will own Africa with help from a few others, France and Britain.
China has to rethink its strategies.  Unless China realistically retools for lower growth, takes a lead in stabilizing the world by demanding controls on currency and equity markets, it will suffer serious setbacks.
Protecting China by stopping Romney and his gangster friends, by including them in a broader and more responsible way and by helping stabilize the issues in Asia between the Koreas, Japan and China, issues our papers seem to ignore, we may face disaster.
Key to all of this is broad demilitarization, starting in the US, then Central Asia, Israel and elsewhere.
Military spending, most of which is American, worldwide, has to be halved and replaced with industries that will create wealth, jobs and build a functioning middle class.
Toward that end, some criminal issues need to be addressed.
World banking and financial controls, bond markets, derivatives, gold markets, blood diamonds, all have to come under effective control.
The worlds drug trafficking has to end.  Major nations claiming to be progressive are helping fund illicit economies with drugs including the United States, Russia, Pakistan, India, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and others.
America has to totally restructure its criminal justice system.  Racketeering has taken over running prisons, courts and police.  So many organizations are being controlled by drug gangs it is frightening.
This is a war.
America can no longer afford narcotics other than marijuana, has to develop a non-judicial method of control and has to declare total war on eradication of others and totally block all borders even if it involves, as GeneralOdierno so often asks for, “bringing home the troops to police America.”
Prisons have to be emptied.
Our legal system is in shambles.  Entire states are mob run, Utah, Arizona, half of California, Nevada, Colorado and I am only naming a few.
Police must be “detrained” and “demilitarized.”
For America, individual responsibility as to health maintenance and life style needs government support.  Obama care and Medicare must be supplemented with a low cost program of health maintenance which includes use of highly trained nurses and other professionals.
Every school system should offer a dental program for those who economically can’t afford care.
This is never spoken of and vital.  It will require the training and employment of thousands of new workers, tax payers and help guarantee the health of a generation.
As a people, we must control information. Currently our media is not free but controlled.
Following the “Newsroom/HBO” model, freedom of information must return.  The “anti-imperialists” I often find so irritating are right about one thing, we lie about our history.  We can’t build a responsible electorate if they are lied to every day and educated to be morons.
We have to reform education and eliminate rule by money, wild rumors and be willing to sift through the “conspiracy theories,” admit which are true and keep secret the few we must.
Secrecy and “security clearances” are not democratic and have to be cut back 80%.
Individual freedom based on the real constitution, which falls short in many areas, has to be restored.
When terrorism starts, we will fight it.  What if we find our own government involved or friendly governments or industries that profit from terrorism are involved in terrorism?
We are going to find that.
We have a time of “settlement” coming, and some “bloodletting.”  America has been conned, played for suckers and those involved are going to be sacrificed.  They cannot live in a free society.
Money in politics is at an end, not just Citizens United but the Super PACs and the Romney foreign cash, already a felony we are ignoring.
Toward that end, term limits, end to the committee system, and, especially, reapportionment based on geography and not denying Americans the right to fair government.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, learn.  Your rights have disappeared and lawyers and sneaks have done it over the past two decades.  It has to be “undone” immediately.
A constitutional amendment has to be written to protect gun ownership once and for all.  Existing language involving “militias” is too vague and leaves open a political game that is hurting America.
Criminals will always have guns, free Americans should have unrestricted gun ownership.
The cost of education has to be examined.  Colleges have taken on a disease of greed.
We need total reform of education to build a working America, where everyone is expected to hold a job, can expect to work all their lives and also expect a secure future for themselves and their children.
This is paramount.
This year it was likely that Ron Paul could have been president.  Congress would have paralyzed everything he wanted to do and he was choked out by political parties, both of which are highly corrupt as those who really watched the conventions saw.
Both parties were hopelessly unAmerican.
That Paul, one person, for so many years, sat nearly alone when he should have been one person in a majority party saying what most Americans want is a clear demonstration of the failure of our political system.
The whole thing has to go and nobody wants the “gravy train” to stop.
We can’t start killing each other though many Americans advocate it and they aren’t crazy.
We do have to deconstruct our political system from the ground up, start petitions in each state to eliminate state constitution’s, the rules systems, the courts as they exist, the civil and criminal law systems and every American has to be educated to do this.
For this we need a national media owned and run by “elites,” those who love and believe in this country and the world and are willing to give their lives like our Founding Fathers really were, not those who wrote our flawed constitution, but those who, for a very short time, freed America from foreign tyranny.
Foreign tyranny is back, and in a big way.
We should talk of nothing else, allow talk of nothing else.
Everything else is a lie and liars need to be tarred and feathered even if we need to do some “house cleaning” in every county seat, state capitol or newsroom in America.

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