Jews and Black Americans: Shaming their own history

Jews and Black Americans: Shaming their own history

M. I. Bhat

Khasmir, India

For centuries the history of Jews and Black Americans has been one of suffering and humiliation. Ironically, the moment their fortunes turned for the better, they began their new phase with shaming their own respective history.
Once wounds on the human conscience, both have become either the perpetrators and instigators (Jews) or the tools (Blacks) in inflicting painful wounds on other peoples, particularly Muslims who, ironically, never had any role in their wretched past.
For centuries the history of Jews and Black Americans has been one of suffering — Jews for their faith, and the Blacks for their poverty and color.
Whereas the anti-Semitic sentiment finally culminated in Hitler’s “final solution,” the inhuman practice of Black slavery though ended in 1865 (rising from being mere “property” to “three-fifths human” to “persons”) they continued to suffer another form of human degradation — the racial discrimination. The second half of the century, however, changed the fortunes for both groups – totally for Jews, substantially for the Blacks.

The Jews literally became the CPU of American media, finance and politics and, by extension, would virtually decide how the Western world should be managed and run. And the Blacks, though in general still at the lowest rung of economic development, are far off from pre-Civil Rights era.

In politics and various other professions, they are steadily finding their feet; indeed, a Black American currently at the highest political pedestal, leading not just the United States but practically the whole of the Western world, is a sound testimony to their changed fortunes. Some would, however, say it is just some “tokens” that benefited while the vast majority still suffers racial discrimination and poverty.
Ironically, the moment their fortunes turned for the better, they began their new phase, shaming their own respective history. Once wounds on the human conscience, both have become either the perpetrators and instigators (Jews) or the tools (Blacks) in inflicting painful wounds on other peoples, particularly Muslims who, ironically, had no hand in their wretched past.

Take the Jews first.

The tourist trap gas chambers and ovens. Note the industrial chimney for burning thousands of corpses.

Strange though it is, the fact is that all that has fed collective world memory about the Second World War is only about “holocaust” – the concentration camps, the gas chambers and the “six million Jews killed.”
heir persecution by European Christians over two millennia remains confined to Jewish folk lore and their own history books only.
Nazi’s are still haunted around the world not for perpetrating the war and large scale death and destruction in so many countries but alone for killing Jews.
The rest – including 48-55 million dead, of which 20-25 million in Russia alone, and the wholesale annihilation of Roma Gypsies — appear to have been just a sort of peripheral academic details of the war.
This world view of the war didn’t come about of its own. It was sowed and nurtured with a purpose. Post-1945 — with Europe beholden to America, first, for help against Hitler’s war machine and, then, for Marshall reconstruction plan and the rest of the world either licking their war wounds or economically and politically too insignificant to matter or to have any say — every spoken and written word coming out of America carried the stamp of final authenticity.

Aview of the so called gas chambers from the back shows the industrial chimney off set from the building by five feet, connected to nothing. It was added as a Hollywood prop after the war.

Hollywood and the American media, famously owned and run predominantly by Jews, began to write the war history – a history that relegated other’s, particularly Russian, contributions and sacrifices in the defeat of Nazi army to footnotes, if at all, and created Jews as the only victims.
Hollywood produced the mind numbing graphic narrative of Jewish sufferings that would hit the audience’s conscience straight and the print and electronic media provided intellectual backing through opinionated columns and stories and TV discussions.
By the time critical assessments of the war started appearing a generation had been nurtured on Hollywood stuff. Meanwhile Jewish grip extended to the American Government that helped entrench the Jewish narrative on war.
Anything that questioned the Hollywood narrative was consigned to ‘conspiracy theories’ against Jews and branded anti-Semitic. Laws got enacted both in America and Europe that criminalized open discussion of the war or holocaust.
A community never missing on reminding the world of their suffering was, in the least, expected to abhor and condemn any sort of oppression wherever the oppression or whosoever the oppressor may be. Alas! Jews — with some shining exceptions — didn’t just fail on this moral test but turned out to be horrible oppressors. Whatever they claim to have suffered they built up on that and fine tuned the exploitation and torture process, meanwhile continuing to play victimhood.

Palestine represents the darkest example of their moral weakness. They turned Palestine in general and Gaza strip in particular into worst than a gas chamber. How many would go into a Nazi gas chamber at one time?
Here in Gaza strip you have more than 1.6 million impoverished Palestinians actually seized within less than 360 sq. km. (i.e., ~ 4600 persons/sq. km.) from all sides by Israeli ground and naval forces and bombed routinely by air force.

White phosphorous attack on Gaza
Imagine the condition of men and women, young and old, sick and disabled — nowhere able to escape from F-16s bombs, killer drones and helicopter gunships.
Imagine the scare and heart thumping of unlucky (< 15 years) kids, who constitute 44% of the population, on hearing warning sirens go up and then nerve gas bombs, white phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs and depleted uranium bombs exploding on and around them; imagine the condition of their unlucky mothers.

Imagine the situation when tanks roll in and shell homes whenever Israeli military decides, which is so often. Bombers and tanks against unarmed and caged civilians!! Then you have intrusive searches, check points, arrests and torture, forced evictions and home demolitions, targeted assassinations.
C’mon. See who is talking of concentration camps, gas chambers and “holocaust!” And how long did all that last?

Palestinians have been suffering worse for more than six decades. Jewish and Christian Zionists may ignore Operation Cast Lead that bombed more than 300 children to death in one go; not the Muslims, not the people with even a shred of humanity and sense of justice left?

And shame on all those wretched beings who side with this moral depravity and physical barbarity.
And Obama is worried about the Israel’s security!!!!
Well, why not? He has proved himself one of the Black “tokens” who are willing to prove more loyal to the Zionist cause than Evangelist Pastor John Hagee. American Blacks – again, with some exceptions – seems to be looking for an opportunity to serve their former oppressors. Here is a sampling from the current crop.

Where did all the loyal leadership go?

Colin Powell was the first black American to declare to the world the arrival of Black Americans to the global limelight. He rose first to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later the Secretary of State.
Right from his early career, whenever given a chance, he served to the cause of American inhuman enterprise. Two events stand starkly.
First, as a soldier in the My Lai massacre and second, as the Secretary of State duping the world into the war on Iraq.
Pathetic liar that he proved himself, he damned his Black history both while covering up the My Lai where an entire village of men, women and children were indiscriminately gunned down by the “civilized” American army (as was later done several times over in Iraq and continues to be done in Afghanistan).
And second, when holding up a model anthrax-filled vial in his hand to lie to the world gathering at the UN about Saddam’s WMDs. Like Bush, Cheney and other Christian and Jewish Zionists, he is drenched in the blood of a million innocent massacred Iraqis.
The moment Powell walked out, Condoleezza Rice stepped into his shoes – to keep coalitions partners singing Christian Zionist war hymns to the Afghan and Iraqi “heretics.”
As Bush’s National Security Advisor, she played an active role in planning the strategy for the war on Iraq and in the approval of waterboarding, and later, as Secretary of State, kept the Bush’s alliance partners in the “war on terror” in tight American embrace.

“I missed many days at my segregated school because of the frequent bomb threats,” she would say but never gave a damn to how Palestinian, Afghan or Iraqi kids missed their whole lives under daily American-Israeli actual bombing!

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has demanded Bush and Blair be put on trial for the immoral Iraq war.

Condi Rice – Laying down the word

That is great on his part. He should know that American and British leadership do not really have any moral constraints to behave morally (name a time when they really behaved morally!) but his race has, which warrants he include both Powell and Rice for such trial.
Then you have the real history changer – Barak Obama: a Black American rising to the highest political position none among the generations of the Black ancestry could ever have imagined.
Enter the White House, he ditched every one including every word on his Nobel citation except, of course, the Republicans and Zionists.
Reversing on his every campaign promise and instead continuing with Bush’s “divine” mandate, he added fuel to the Afghan and Iraq wars, harvesting more civilian deaths and destruction. His special taste for stealthily murdering people using drones and covert assassinations continues consuming lives across many countries.
Among his lasting legacies is the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, granting him and future American presidents power to order indefinite detention or kill any person — without any charge or due process — on mere whim of being threat to the US.

What a service to (in)human rights! Where does all this leave the “beacon of human freedom” any different from “evil regimes” like Syria, Iran, North Korea or Cuba that Obama is accusing of anti-people policies and determined to change? Perhaps Jesse Jackson’s tearful eyes on the day of Obama’s inauguration were looking for all this!

The best achievement Obama flaunts for his re-election bid is his claim of being the first American president to have outdone his predecessors in providing dollar-, diplomatic- and military-support to Israel. Very true, indeed.
That is why Israel could up its defense budget when America’s own — along with millions of middle class and poor — went down. And that is why Obama goes on tightening sanctions noose around Iranian people before the launch of impending joint US-Israel military attack.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice

At lower level, of note, is the US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. Her face lightens up in triumphant glory every time she gets a chance to raise her arm high in veto of any and every pro-Palestinian cause.
John Bolton would do the same but had the (dis)advantage of his thick mustaches and specks camouflaging any hint of smile on his ever disgruntled face.
The one plain truth about the American life every politician — except Ron Paul — accepts without any qualms is that the road to White House goes through J Street.
Blacks saw it first hand in Obama case. That is the effective path Herman Cain, the yet another Black American to aspire for presidency, too, tried to tread, shouting allegiance to the Zionist flag on the way:

“[L]et’s remember how the U.N. has singled out Israel for punishment in their new world order, so its support for Palestinian statehood is just the latest blow.”
“My message for the U.N., Iran, Palestinians and anyone else is this: “If you mess with Israel, you’re messing with the U.S.A.”
“Quite frankly, I want the world to know that if Israel is invaded, the United States is going to be there with her. That’s how strong that I want a relationship with Israel.”

Notice the language – absolute servitude! Poor fellow! Didn’t know the difference between his “if Israel is invaded” and Obama’s ‘preparing together with Israel’ for invading Iran! Tells you why he became history so early in his campaign!
Jews have every reason to forget their history and forgive their tormentors for the rewards they got — far beyond their wildest imagination. Not just a country of their own (and may be Greater Israel also sometime soon if Arab kings and Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO cronies have their way) that they never had for millennia but also the most powerful country – United States.
They may not have converted America to a Jewish state but they surely have turned Americans into their serfs and America into a vassal of Israel. The Biblical history professor, George Bush (1796-1859), must be turning in his grave. Zionists have turned his dream of “restoring [Jews] to the land of Israel [Palestine] where the bulk would be converted to Christianity topsy-turvy!

Thumbs up on Obama, but compared to whom?

Black Americans have not been so lucky (? intelligent), though. Obama and Cain can shout full throated support for Israel but can’t whisper about their community’s continuing woes.
Whatever number of times Blacks may offer themselves as canon fodder for White Americans wars in the hope of establishing their patriotism, “the nation has yet to truly join African-Americans on the mission to rid the United States of its quiet weapons of mass destruction: bad schools for the poor and discrimination for striving African-Americans with the same qualifications as white Americans” laments Derrick Z. Jackson.
Obama’s every new job numbers, which bring no change in unemployed Black numbers, only confirm this.
Jackson, however, misses to acknowledge the disproportionately huge number of his people that his tax-paying White compatriots pay for free lodge, board and health care without having to do anything – inside US prisons!

Counsel patience to your people, Mr. Jackson. Mr. Obama is on job with Zionists weighing Syrian-Iranian game where America would need lot many Blacks to fight one more Israel’s war. Just keep cheering up for the Friend of Israel and together with Jews keep shaming your history.

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