November 19, 2010

 by lenin

School pupils, sixth formers and students from across Barnet have marched on Tory HQ – home turf of former Barnet mayor and current fire authority chief, the odious Brian Coleman. Barnet is the testing ground for the Tories’ “easyCouncil” idea, a harder version of the “John Lewis state” (why does government have to be modelled on a retail brand?).
This big protest (see Socialist Worker’s report) is particularly notable for two facts.
First, it’s happening in what is traditionally a strong Conservative borough. All three of its MPs are Tory, as is the majority of its councillors. If the students are up in arms even in what might be considered a Tory heartland, it’s fair to say that the government is in trouble. Secondly, it’s a precursor to the big day of action, ‘Day X’ the national walk-out by students on 24th November. The question on Day X will be whether the momentum from last week has been retained. Actions like this, and the occupations that we have seen in the last week, suggest that it’s still building.



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