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It’s only a month since thousands of Take Back Parliament supporters took to the streets of London – and cities all across Britain – demanding ‘Fair Votes Now’. Together we called on Nick Clegg to stand firm and to make reform of our broken and discredited voting system a condition of any coalition deal.

Nick Clegg heard our voices. He stood firm. And we won a promise of a referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV).

But four weeks into the new government we still don’t know when it will take place. Join us in calling for the referendum to be held within 12 months:

We’re at a crucial moment. There are persistent rumours that some in government might be trying to delay the referendum – to kick it into the long grass and save the broken first past the post system.

Winning an AV referendum would be a small step towards the more radical voting reform we all crave. We need that referendum sooner rather than later.

Nick Clegg heard our voices once before – and we need him to hear them again now. Ask him to stand firm once more:


Andy May
Take Back Parliament

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