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  1. Hi,
    I notice that you have published a piece of mine and altered my writing, without my permission.
    I did not write these lines:
    “I am posting them here at Veterans Today to be read in conjunction with Jonathan Azaziah’s “9-11: Israel’s Grand Deception.”
    They have been inserted by someone at your site, perhaps accidentally, as you can see from the original link.
    To clarify, I stopped posting at Veterans Today, because I did not agree with the writing of several of the people posting there, including some whom I consider war-criminals, as I have stated on my blog.
    I also do not equate Kashmir as an issue with Palestine, nor am I in favor of general economic sanctions against Israel, as I have also repeatedly stated on my blog, since I am against general economic sanctions against any nation. Targeted boycotts are a different matter.
    I appreciate your sympathy for the Palestinians and criticisms of extreme Zionism, but I believe that you are unwittingly misrepresenting my position by adding those lines.
    I would much appreciate a correction and removal of those lines.
    Thank you very much.
    Lila Rajiva

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