Sovereignty: Our Need to Uphold It on All Sides

Sovereignty: Our Need to Uphold It on All Sides


By Ann Diener

With the Western escalation of the situation in Ukraine by basically attempting to put NATO at Russia’s front door, we have to wonder what our political leaders are thinking, and if they are not aware of Russian interests and sovereignty. While I am not a fan of Russian policy towards internal control and potential manipulation, our lack of ability to look at ourselves and the real danger our actions may cause is disconcerting.

The West is using Russia’s protection of their naval base in Crimea and for ethnic Russian people in Crimea, who have themselves chosen Russia over a Western backed “revolution,” to increase dominance in an area of historical, political and military significance that is almost sacred to Russia. Western leaders are not attempting to understand, balance all interests and come to mutually accountable talks and agreements between Ukraine, the European Union and Russia. If the “revolution” had been provoked by a less favored country, it would have been called a coup to potentially secure military dominance, and we would have fought against it.

For example, if Russia would have invested $5 billion in a pro-Russian revolution in Poland, employed diplomats and protestors to assist in a mass pro-Russian uprising in the country, had FSB assets on the ground handing out leaflets on how to protest and then not investigated an event where snipers on roof tops shot both protestors and police, while Russia was saying the government in power did this to the Russian leaning protestors, and while shortly after international officials were caught on tape suspecting it was the Russians themselves that killed the protestors and police, the West would be screaming “coup!” even if the leader in power was as corrupt as former President Viktor Yanukovych. So why is this not happening now. and what are the unseen implications?

I read an interesting comment the other day on Veterans Today in an article entitled Russian Defense Minister urges Hagel to stay cool by Arjan, who said, “Is it totally out of the question that the real objective of the true powers of this planet is to bring Putin and Russia to world power? I do not have totally convincing reasons to think this, just some small clues.

“The Protocols clearly state that part of the plan is to give bad advice to political leadership, who should thus be cast out by ‘the people,’ only for them (the authors of the Protocols) to move in and assume power. Western political leaders clearly are helping themselves on the way to total annihilation by the people.”

This is really interesting because when you think about the overall situation and reactions to issues of the past and present, very little has been done to indict potential criminal behavior which includes the launching of the Iraq war based on false pretenses, the Afghanistan war which actually created more terrorism and increased the heroin outputs of a country that had nearly eradicated opium production, NSA spying on US and International citizens as well as government officials without just cause or warrant, torture and rendition programs that are all illegal, drone strikes that violate national sovereignty of other countries and routinely kill civilians as well as our lack of oversight and investigation of these strikes, financial mismanagement and all-out financial corruption of our banking system – the US banks that caused the crash tied to falsely packaged and falsely insured mortgage backed securities, the list goes on to include US corporate corruption and the eroding of civil rights in America including freedom of speech and the press.

Who looks like the bully here? Who is being cast out by the people? It seems to be us/US.

With under investigated events such as 9/11/2001, where questioning the official narrative, even when done by qualified professionals such as architects, engineers and pilots, is made to look like “tin foil hat material,” even though no one will officially debate these professionals. No one of prominence will give credence to the validity of the professionals’ questions, nor allow those who “officially” investigated the event to be forced to answer valid questions in a complete inquiry. This also brings to mind the CIA report on torture that has been lurking in the Senate, waiting to be brought forth for the public to see what was done in our name.

I ask again who looks like the bully? If it is us/US, who will “save the bullied” which is also us/US and lots of other people, internationally?

I have always wondered why no one in the international community has called us/US out on all of these actions?

In my opinion, this all began long ago because those who are behind the scenes never really wanted America to be successful. The idea of a sovereign people having freedoms we fought for was counter to their concepts of power over and control of the people, which in their minds needed to be controlled. I had heard of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” but I had never read them until recently. Their premise is that humans are by their very nature bad and this in turn allows or forces those in leadership to control the people through mostly covert means in order to maintain or create “order.”

What is interesting now is that the alternative media who is usually the leading thinkers, the outcasts that are usually years ahead of their time, are seeing all of the negative acts committed by the West and are writing about them, Tweeting about them and Facebooking articles about them. The slant is anti-Western. It is like we have all had enough of these atrocities “we” have committed and so badly want a hero to emerge that will call those who live with impunity to task on all of these issues. We would like a foreign policy based on true morality, with equality and understanding of all sides interests and want a middle ground that the West is no longer pursuing because of its perception of its own righteousness.

In another article in Veterans Today, NEO – Ukraine: International Law for the Lawless Seth Ferris, investigative journalist and political scientist, for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook,” said something very accurate about Western morality, “If you think your values are better than anyone else’s, only you can have a moral obligation, and only the actions you like can have a moral basis. If others are also moral you have to accept that you should not allow your less-than-moral actions, which you justify by the moral ones, to occur, because morality is not your exclusive preserve.”

This brings forth the ideas of self-policing and awareness. Many people in the West have been potentially waiting for an external force to come down on the American government to bring about an inquiry into the potential crimes it has committed, but no one has come forward. Only silence as well as the silencing of its citizens by the main stream press, who no longer ask tough questions of their leaders and refuse to bring to light any alternative thought other than the narrative created by the government, corporations and think tanks working for those interests, has occurred. The silence of the opposition is deafening in the main stream.

So why is this happening, other than the thought that we are the “ultimate super power” able to make and break the laws? For every law broken and every lack of accountability, our opposition in the East feels they are right – more right than we are. They don’t need to speak out or call us into account because “we are digging our own grave.” With our financial entanglements and incursions both past and present, we probably are. And, we may have walked into a trap that may have been in part created and encouraged by the “puppet masters” all the while supporting maneuvering previously what was done to weaken America economically, ideologically and emotionally.

Back in 1997, I watched as China established trade that virtually surrounded the US and there was a huge influx of Russians into the Northwest as well a surprising military incursion rumor I heard about during that time. Since the Cold War was over, the threat of this was negated, but it was clear that the idea of the “Cold War being over” could motivate those who believe in this type of authoritarian or oligarchical style of government to utilize this perception to increase penetration within America as they were growing uncomfortable with the Democracy movement in China and Russia that could dis-empower the elite in those countries. What better way to bring down democracy globally than to encourage lawlessness through silence about crimes committed by the “idealist democracy of America.” They could penetrate our system easily and then just stand by and watch it collapse ideologically first with lack of investigation, then with our using of false pretenses to commit war crimes and finally our own tightening/removal personal of freedoms and privacy of our citizens, all the while creating resentment amongst American people and malaise, anger as well as mental anguish amongst its honest service members and politicians. The people then so emotionally defeated and financially deflated may welcome in the side backed by the “Elders of Zion,” with open arms because they “will restore our system and hold that system into account.” That side,potentially China and Russia, most likely honors the Elders perceptions of control over the people and may move in with ease covertly into a previously sovereignty based country with not a single shot was fired, potentially after a potential financial and military crisis.

Currently we are in the process of emotionally casting our leaders out based on their actions which are counter to democratic ideals, counter to international law and counter to our American Constitution. While casting them out is good and bringing awareness is necessary, the lack of government investigation is only encouraging the penetration of the covert opposition that hopes to erode American ideals for their own benefit. Our foreign policy and saber rattling as well as obvious lack of ability to see all interests on the table to negotiate the middle ground only emboldens those who watch silently, waiting for the moment to remove the bottom card from the stack of cards.

This means that the “

” President John F. Kennedy referred to in his speech on press freedom is winning. It is time for us to refute the very basis for their power and control over the people, the premise itself written about in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They believe the one Universal Law is the law of force and control through force, however, in reality there is but one Natural and Universal Law, and that is the Law of Sovereignty. It is illegal to harm another. American individualism and opportunity, the American Dream is based on that one Universal Law of Sovereignty. It is time we uphold and honor that law and stop ignoring our own incursions, if only to save ourselves.

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