Someone out there in the organized Jewish community doesn’t like TUT


There is an old saying–‘You can judge a man by his friends as well as by his enemies’.

Well, seems a certain someone out there doesn’t like what we are doing here at TUT, and moreover, is miffed at the new radio network we are putting together here.

In a post appearing on ‘Jhate’ (I still can’t figure out, does that mean people who hate Jews or people the Jews hate?) our growing endeavor here at TUT is catagorized as ‘Mark Glenn’s new anti-Semitic broadcasting network’. The website is owned/operated by one Rabbi Ariel Tuchman, described as Director of the Research Department of the ADL.

The website is typical Jewish drivel and full of typical Jewish nonsense, about how they are the apple of God’s eye, innocent, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow and how anything/anyone who moves against them is doing so for simple reasons of ‘hate’, and never, let me repeat–NEVER–as the result of Jewish obnoxious/criminal behavior.

Now, buried within the piece is the coded ‘GO GET ‘EM’ order, meaning that good, loyal Jews the world over (he only has about 62 subscribers) are supposed to do all they can to shut down what we are doing by contacting wordpress, which hosts TUT blog, as well as the other outfits who provide us with the chat room, the live streaming and the conference calling–

‘If Glenn is able to sustain this new operation, he will be entering an already crowded field of anti-Semitic broadcasting online.’

Now, as the readers of this site and the listeners to its accompanying program know, I LOVE a good fight, and particularly with this crowd, since every time they open their mouths and spew out the nonsense that is the natural by-product of their own congenital mental illness, they prove me right and make my job as a prosecutor easy.

Therefore, I sent an email to the owner/operator of this blog, challenging him to a one-on-one, live, which reads as follows–

Dear Mr. So and so,

I have seen several posts on your website regarding me and my work. Now, since you Jews pride yourself on your debate/language skills, I would absolutely LOVE to have you on my program to discuss the things which you seem perfectly happy to cover in a platform such as this, where the only other people involved are your own personal sychophants and cheerleaders.

What have you got to lose? You are God’s chosen people, aren’t you? Didn’t he send plagues and part the Red Sea for you? It is a slam-dunk in your favor.

I eagerly await your (non) response.


We shall see if ‘the good Rabbi’ indeed has the faith to move mountains and elects to come on the program. My personal hunch is that he will not, but instead will do what organized Jewish interests do whenever someone chooses to exercise his/her right to free speech, which is to organize around that individual and screech their lungs out in shutting him up.

updates as they occur…

UPDATE–I have heard back from ‘the good rabbi’ Ariel Tuchman concerning his appearance on the program to discuss his various theories concerning ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘hatred of Jews’ and his response was a mere 2-words in length–

‘No thanks’

To which my response was as follows–


Why am I NOT surprised???

Such cowards, you people really are. The only fights you will engage in are against the defenseless, a ‘fixed’ fight as it were.

You are (and always have been) your own worst enemies, you know that, don’t you?

again, updates as they occur…

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