Mark Dankof writes Rabbi Tuchman of the ADL regarding his hit on Mark Glenn and Press TV

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Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman
Director, Library and Research Center
Assistant Director, Civil Rights Division
Headquarters: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith/New York
Phone: 212-885-7859
Fax:  212-885-5882

Re:  Mark Glenn’s New Anti-Semitic Broadcast Network

Dear Rabbi Tuchman:

I am saddened that you have not responded to my formal and cordial public invitation to appear on The Ugly Truth, and on Press TV, to be given an honest opportunity to have your concerns discussed and addressed in these forums.

I simply repeat that open invitation here.  There is no need to continue these anonymous posts on your JHate blog when those of us accused by you of various sins are open and willing to give you the forum and time you need to present your end of this ongoing debate.  The First Amendment still lives in America, at least until the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and its affiliated stooges from Coast to Coast manage its complete shredding and destruction.

I cannot conclude anything from your clandestine, anonymous methods, other than the clear fact that in your heart you know that honest airing of concerns about Israel’s policies in the Middle East, their sordid campaign in the United States for the launching of an unjustified preemptive military strike on Iran, and the role of the Jewish Lobby in this country in facilitating a controlled news media and a bought-and-paid for electoral process, is exposing your own moral bankruptcy and that of your affiliates and assets worldwide.

That exposure is largely due to Alternative Media.  And this exposure means the eventual end of your shell game and that of the New World Order and the Zionist ideology that is its foundation.
Again, I repeat my original invitation to Come Out of the Closet and Join Us.

It is my hope that you leave this second open invitation on your blog.  In the event it is removed, alternative means of documentation and distribution have already been arranged.


Mark Dankof 

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