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Editor’s Note :For those Americans interested in the situation in Syria, Middle East journalist Sharmine Narwani is invited by Rense Radio host Jeff Rense because she  brings a view that is representative of the Middle East, that is censored by Zionist controlled US Media and because her articles are well written, fair and investigative, in a way the US mainstream corporate owned media is not. They talk at length about the intrigues in the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Obama and Snowden. Regional War is a distinct possibility concludes Ms. Narwani.

Sharmine Narwani 

Sharmine Narwani : “The US’s Afghan Exit May Depend on a Syrian One”

Comment by Rufus Petersen

Sharmine’s got an interesting article here. From what I’m reading, Obamaco is now shuffling its feet regarding the arming of the Syrian rebels, and it seems Sharmine has some information as to why.

Here’s an article by Gordon Duff, editor at Veterans Today, about a hoax played on Obama by Bloomberg:
Let’s pretend for a minute that not everything coming out the man’s mouth is a lie –
To Gordon, butter won’t melt in Obama’s mouth. He’s THAT cool.
Gordon might well agree that Bloomberg is pretty rotten, something I’ve been feeling for a few months now.
Other sources within the highest levels of the Department of Defense (DOD) indicated that US policy in Syria, despite the flurry of news stories to the contrary, is moving toward an increasing American disengagement:
“Gordon, simply put, the US doesn’t have a ‘dog in this hunt.’ We have nothing to gain in Syria and have no choice but to let this play out.
We are going to continue our hardline with Iran, waiting for a move there but in Syria, we have no desire to harm relations with Russia, a nation President Obama has strong plans to partner with during his second term.”
Duff’s buddy Jim Dean also editor at Veterans Today, also has an interesting article. Dean too seems to be a bit of an Obama booster, but maybe he’s got reasons, if like Duff he thinks– Obama is the fly in the Zio’s ointment.
Here’s a little comment someone made at Dean’s article:
As with 9/11 and so many other terrorist stunts, the same old question needs to be asked: who benefits?
I guess it’s probably just a coincidence that all of Israel’s enemies in the hood have had their governments changed or destroyed recently, Syria being a work in progress and Iran next on the list. America, too, is disposable as far as the zionists are concerned.
The Israelites aren’t sure what to do about Obama, though, they’re running out of tricks to get us to level Iran, it seems. Their latest ploy is to plant dupes like Snowden to create hatred for Obama and distraction for the sheeple. And God forbid we fight back, that’s all the excuse they need to declare martial law to get their homegrown terrorists known as DHS deployed and seeing some “action.” Hell, what’s worked so well in bringing tyranny and oppression to the Arab world will work just as well HERE.
So many of these articles have great commenters who are no dummies either, and these people are also worth keeping up with.
Is Snowden a plant?

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