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Many years ago, Henry Kissinger said that Israel doesn’t have foreign policy. Everything is decided upon inner and personal issues.
In the third week of July 2013, an extraordinary example of this truth emerged after Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed to have heard of the European Union guidelines banning EU funding of projects in territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 Middle East war only after they were approved and published.
“You are wrong! He is a wise Jew hiding the truth for political reasons,” some Zionists would exclaim at this point and then add: “Shhh! You are harming the cause!”

Dome of the Rock

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Dome of the Rock and Israeli soldier by Associated Press
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“It’s Lieberman’s Fault,” Netanyahu Mumbled
More often than not, such an answer would lead to a stalemate. No side would be able to prove its point. Yet, the situation this time is different.
On December 16, 2012, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned ahead of the upcoming elections, due to his indictment (Zion Elders Block Lieberman). In the subsequent elections, Netanyahu’s Likud party and Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu run as a single list, with Lieberman as Netanyahu’s deputy.
The joint list emerged as the largest one in the current Knesset and Netanyahu kept his position as Prime Minister. The agreement between the lists stipulated that Lieberman was to remain Foreign Affairs Minister. While on trial, he can’t serve as a government minister.
Yet, most people in Israel assume that Lieberman was sabotaged by the Shin Beth secret police due to his unpopularity outside Israel. Many people—including Netanyahu—evaluate that Lieberman has a good chance to emerge victorious from the trial. That happened to former Prime Minister Olmert after he was impeached on false accusations (see Olmert Acquitted: Administrators’ Dictatorship).
Thus, in Netanyahu’s new government, the post of Foreign Affairs Minister is occupied by Netanyahu himself. If Lieberman is acquitted, he will join the government in that position. “It’s Lieberman’s fault,” Netanyahu mumbled, “he told me nothing.”
“It’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Fault,” Netanyahu Mumbled
Almost one month ago, the ongoing strike within the ministry reached the headlines after it was published that Netanyahu gave an order to the Shin Beth to replace the functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Shin Beth: “Just Following Orders”).
In regular times, Shin Beth collaborates closely with the MFA. Israeli embassies are secured by it. Drivers of foreigner officials visiting in Israel are Shin Beth agents. Following the strike, they were requested by Netanyahu to take over all the logistics and communications of the guests. A breeze for these spooks. No Problemo, Bibi!
The Shin Beth kept the routines of the ministry, but was not able to plan ahead. They didn’t warn Netanyahu about the European Union ban. “It’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ fault,” Netanyahu mumbled, “they are lazy and spoiled slaves.”
Even the blindest Zionists must concede that this time they cannot hide under the “secrecy of the wise” clause. Israel was surprised, and all Zionist papers claim that Netanyahu is worried. He has good reasons for that.

Interlude: Olmert Reappears
In the aftermath of the elections in Israel, only one person is laughing hard. On January 11, 2013, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave an interview to Channel Two’s “Friday’s Studio.”
He accused Netanyahu of spending $3 Billion on “hallucinated adventures that were not implemented and would not be implemented,” referring to an exercise of an airstrike, as described in Israel Spent $3 Billion on Iran Attack.
Most Israelis are naive, but not naive enough to believe that military exercises for an airstrike can cost so much. Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was acquitted after having been forced to leave office, used his regained innocence to hit the most probable figure behind his impeachment: Netanyahu. Olmert’s careful whisper destroyed Netanyahu’s dreams. Instead of increasing his power as polls predicted, Netanyahu lost 11 seats in the Knesset, giving place to the current situation in which West Bank Settlers are essential partners in the government’s coalition.
Ehud Olmert
Ehud Olmert
Tried and Convicted: How Police, Prosecutors, and Judges Destroy Our Constitutional Rights
Amused by his success, Olmert hit Netanyahu again, now on the EU-Ban Affair.
On July 17, he gave an interview to Yediot Ahronot in which he openly accused Netanyahu. “Exactly ten years ago, the Government signed an agreement with the EU regarding the marking of products produced in the West Bank and Gaza. This is not a new thing.” He also said, “how can it be that the man who drives the Government is completely detached from reality and the developments…”
Even if not voting for Olmert, one must concede that he has a strong point. It is not Lieberman, it is not the ministry’s workers; Netanyahu is to be blamed. Or praised, depending on one’s views.
EU Hits Israel
According to the EU decision, from 2014, all existing agreements between European countries with Israel will exclude East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. Israeli projects applying for EU funding will be required to sign a clause to state that it will not apply to the Occupied Territories.
This could become the base for future sanctions on Israel, in the same way that the 2003 agreement on the products became the base for the current guidelines.
Israel is panicking because the EU is the primary destination of Israeli exports, accounting for 35% of them.
“So what,” our abovementioned Zionist is saying now and adds “we lived one decade with the 2003 decision, we will live one century with the new one.” Not so fast, Mr. Herzl.
Israel’s Finale
Israel’s strategy is changing rapidly. For many years, the official viewpoint was “two countries for two peoples,” attempting to create a two-states solution of the conflict with Palestine. Yet, three out of three Prime Ministers who attempted to sign a permanent agreement ended their terms violently. Rabin was assassinated with the Court-proven help from the Shin Beth secret police, Sharon suffered a sudden stroke and was clumsily evacuated to the hospital by ambulance during the rush hour while administered a wrong drug. Olmert was wrongly impeached. Lucky coincidences? The Shin Beth knows that this is not the case.
Israel was gaining time. During all this period, the settlements grew rapidly. In mid 2013, there are more than 500,000 Jewish settlers in over 100 settlements. In recent months, Israel is attempting to strike its coup de grâce on Palestine by planning a settlement in an area known as E1.
Look at the map. At the left is Jerusalem; the Dead Sea is a bit to the right of the maps edge. Between the Jewish settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim and the Dead Sea, the terrain is too steep to allow large settlements. Sporadic monasteries dust the powdered ground; training soldiers walk carefully, trying not to sink in the grey dust, so fine that it behaves almost like a liquid.
In sharp contrast, the terrain between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem houses several Palestinian towns. All the names in this area of the map are Palestinian: Anata, Al-Zayam, ‘Izriyah, Abu Dis. E1 is the only unbuilt spot in the area. Once built, it will create Jewish contiguity between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, where one of Israel’s main industrial centers is located. Once this is achieved, the West Bank will be effectively bisected, splitting the State of Palestine in three non-contiguous zones (Gaza would be the third).
If the West Bank is bisected, Palestine would not be viable.
Increasingly, Palestinians support the one-state solution for two reasons. Palestine in the current conditions would be a maimed-state. In contrast, the one-state solution will create a short term solution in which Israel will be forced to recognize Muslims and Christians as equals to Jews.
Due to the demographic reality, it would be a matter of a few years until Palestinians democratically win majority. If the majority of the citizens decide to change the name of the State from Israel to Palestine, would Uncle Obama oppose? The other option would be a forced expulsion of Palestinian citizens. Probably not even Israel can survive such a crime.
This increasing involvement of Israel in the West Bank has created a situation in which if the EU would enforce strictest guidelines completely banning Israeli companies making business with the West Bank—which is the next logical step—that would practically stop Israeli exports to Europe. That’s why Netanyahu panicked and is desperately searching for scapegoats.
The enlightened, but detached from reality leader reacted: “We won’t accept international dictations on our borders.” Bibi, you are clumsily playing a game which you do not understand its rules.
You threw a powerful weapon at Palestine, without paying attention that its name is “boomerang.”
Israel would become Israel’s next victim.

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