Yediot runs full page ad for a tourism package in Syria (!)

Didi Remez | May 30, 2010  | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

The back page of Yediot’s daily magazine supplement, “24 Hours,” sports a mysterious full page advertisement for a tourism package to Syria. You can view the orginal here and bottom of post. Here is a translation of the text:

A captivating journey to the antiquities of the ancient city of Tadmor.
Syria, from $329, including flights, three-star hotel and a vehicle for four days.

The ad is pricey (at least $15,000) and is obviously a teaser — there is no phone number, URL or any identification of the advertiser. The question is, a teaser for what? A travel agency, perhaps, or, more likely, a full-blown campaign calling for resumption of peace-talks with Syria.

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