Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime, death penalty for crushing Shiites


By: John Phoenix

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Interior Ministry said it had executed 37 people, mostly Shiites , in connection with alleged“terrorism” crimes .

“The death penalty has been implemented on a series of culprits for the adoption of extremist terrorist ideologies and the formation of terrorist cells to corrupt and disrupt security and to spread chaos and provoke sectarian conflicts,” the official agency said of the Saudi press (ZPS) citing a statement issued by the ministry.

Amnesty International said the execution marked an alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty by the Saudi regime. “Today’s mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the senseless contempt of the Saudi authorities for human life. It is also the umpteenth gruesome indication of how the death penalty is used as a political tool to crush dissent within the country’s Shia minority, “said Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s director of Middle East research.

Most of those executed were Shiite men who were sentenced after fictitious trials that violated international fair trial standards and relied on confessions extracted through torture . Among those executed was Abdulkareem al-Hawaj – a young Shiite arrested at the age of 16 and convicted of crimes related to his involvement in anti-government protests.

?? : two Saudi activists Martyred Abdullah Al-Asiri and Martyred Hussain who were unjustly executed for participating in marches for demanding the legitimate basic rights. May allah grant peace to all departed souls

According to Amnesty International, families were not informed in advance of the executions and were shocked to learn the news. “The use of the sentence is even more shocking when it is applied after unfair trials or against people who were under 18 at the time of the crime, in flagrant violation of international law, “ said Maalouf.“Instead of accelerating executions at an alarming rate in the name of fighting terrorism , Saudi Arabia must immediately stop this bloody execution and establish an official moratorium on executions as a first step towards the complete abolition of the death penalty,” he added. Lynn Maalouf.

?? Martyred Sheikh Mohammed Attiyah was Dean of English at a prominent university in KSA. He was accused of “passing military information” to Iran! (How an English professor would get any military info is mystery) His other “crime” are seeking to sabotage, & inciting

This year, at least 104 people were executed by Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime – at least 44 of them are foreign nationals, most of whom were found guilty of drug-related crimes. In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out 149 executions.

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