Saudi Zio-Wahhabi deletes thousands of tweets from detained scholar’s account

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Saudi activists have revealed that the security services in their country have deleted thousands of tweets from the account of detained scholar Mohamed Al-Hadeef, reported on Friday.

“The Saudi security deletes tweets of Dr Mohamed Al-Hadeef and keeps only 1,583 out of thousands of tweets,” claimed a Twitter user known as keymiftah79. Even while he is detained, the activist pointed out, the Saudi authorities are afraid of his tweets.

The New Khaleej website said that it had fact-checked the information about the deletion and confirmed that only 1,582 tweets were kept on Al-Hadeef’s account.

The government in Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime launched a campaign against independently-minded Muslim scholars in the country days after the visit of US President Donald Trump earlier this year. According to human rights groups, hundreds of scholars and opposition figures have been detained.

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