Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!


Banu Qaynuqa tribe = JEWS!!!

Jews are the one in charge of Kabbah and Madina Munawara to make $$$$$$ !!! All the Hajj Money +Umrah Money + Oil money and Saudi taxes goes to the Jews and Israel to kill Muslims!

The More we go to Hajj and Umrah the more Muslim will get killed with that money!

The Banu Qaynuqa (also spelled Banu KainukaBanu KaynukaBanu QainuqaBanu Qaynuqa, Arabic: بنو قينقاع‎) was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, they were expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, by the Islamic prophet Muhammad for allegedly breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina.

Sirah / The story of Banu Qaynuqa (Jews of Madina) ) يهود المدينة بنو قينقاع

In the 7th century, the Banu Qaynuqa were living in two fortresses in the south-western part of the city of Yathrib, now Medina, having settled there at an unknown date. Although the Banu Qaynuqa bore mostly Arabic names, they were both ethnically and religiously Jewish. They owned no land, earned their living through commerce and craftsmanship, including goldsmithery. The marketplace of Yathrib was located in the area of the town where the Qaynuqa lived. The Banu Qaynuqa were allied with the local Arab tribe of Khazraj and supported them in their conflicts with the rival Arab tribe of Aws.
‘In the 1960′s the “Sawt Al Arab” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the Saudi Family. More important readings! 

King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the Jews when he declared to the Washington Post on Sept. 17, 1969 stating: “We, The Saudi family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” That was the declaration of King Faisal AL-Saud Bin Abdul Aziz! ‘ Read More!

Are The Saudi “Royal Family Jewish?

The Saudi Dynasty:
Where Do They Come From and Who Is their Real Ancestor?
Part I
Mohammad Sakher, who was ordered, killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:
1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of Anza ben Wa’el as they allege to be?
2. Is Islam their actual religion?
3. Are they of an Arab Origin at all?
The following facts will blot out all the allegations of the Saudi Family and will refute all the false statements made by those hypocrites who sold their conscience to this family by falsifying and interpolating the real history of the Saudi Family; I mean the Journalists and historians who, for a financial temporal reward, have inserted and attached the genealogy of this family to our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) alleging that the Saudis are viceroys of our Almighty Allah on the Earth. It is quite clear that such a flattery is intended to vindicate and justify the Saudis’ Crimes and Atrocities, so as to firmly stabilize their Throne and to prop the pillars of their despotic regime. Which is extremely dictatorial and completely rejected by our great Islamic Faith.

Israel & Saudi Arabia are Sisters! Because Saudi King, his family and Amir‘s are all Jews!!!

Why Muslim are in hibernation for 1400 years?

Maybe because Muslims are Lazy! or Ignorant! or irresponsible! and  they leave everything to Allah meanwhile they  simply DO NOTHING! But yapping all day long while Jews owned, operate and use Kabbah and Medina for $$$!!!!!!

Kingship is accursed in our Islamic Religion, in the Holy Qur’aan, because it is an imposed authority of One Person and his Family members to suppress the people and silence any other voice “of opposition” to the king’s despotic and completely dictatorial rules. So kings are denounced in the Holy Qur’aan in this verse: “Kings, when they enter a country, despoil it, and make the noblest of its people the meanest. Thus do they behave.” (27-34)

Lifestyle Of Wahhabi/Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Tallal

Nevertheless, the Saudi Family ignores this Qur’aanic verse, and alleges falsely that they are the strongest believers in the Holy Qur’aan, while in interim; they issue their strict orders to prohibit such Qur’aanic verses from being recited on the radio’s or the TVs. At the same time, such verses are strictly forbidden by them to appear written on any journal, because their recitation or printing does affect their Seat of Majesty!

The Saudi Family members know perfectly well the Muslims all over the world have already known their real Jewish Origin. Muslims have now known all their bloody past, which was, and still is stuck in the same mire of Brutal Despotism and Atrocity. Presently, they exert their utmost efforts to conceal their Jewish Origin by covering themselves with the cloak of the Islamic Religion, so as to try to keep their real Jewish Ancestry hidden in the dark by connecting their family tree with our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

They forget or ignore that Islam does never give any favorable attention to genealogy or “Family Trees”; it favors and honors indiscriminately all human beings whose actions and words are commensurate with the doctrines of the Holy Qur’aan as confirmed by the following Qur’aanic verse:
“O Mankind! We created you from a single (Pair) of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other.) Verily, the most honored by you in the Sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (49-13)
Anyone who is iniquitous and blasphemous cannot affiliate him/her self to our great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even though he/she may be the closest blood relative to him. Bilal, the Abyssinian slave, who was a faithful Muslim, was much more honored by Islam than Abu Lahab, the pagan, who was the real blood uncle of our Prophet. In Islam there is no Favoritism. Allah sets the degree of comparison in Islam according to the person’s piety and not according to his/her worldly status of affiliation to any dynasty.

Saudi Royal Family Are Kuffar British Agents! by AlMalahimMedia
Who is the Real Ancestor of the Clan of Saud?
In the year 851 A.H. a group of men from Al Masaleekh Clan, which was a branch of Anza Tribe, formed a caravan for buying cereals (wheat and corn) and other foodstuff from Iraq, and transporting it back to Najd. The head of that group was a man called Sahmi Bin Hathlool. The caravan reached Basra, where the members of the group went to a cereal merchant who was a Jew, called Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe. During their bargaining with that merchant, the Jew asked them: “Where are you from?” They answered: “From Anza Tribe; a Clan of Al Masaleekh.” Upon hearing that name, the Jew started to hug so affectionately each on the them saying that he, himself, was also from the clan of Al Masaleekh, but he had come to reside in Basra (Iraq) in consequence to a family feud between his father and some members of Anza Tribe.

After he recounted to them his fabricated narrative, he ordered his servants to load all of the camels with wheat, dates, and tamman; a remarkable deed so generous that astonished the Masaleekh men and aroused their pride to find such an affectionate (cousin) in Iraq-the source of sustenance; they believed each word he said, and, because he was a rich merchant of the food commodities which they were badly in need, they accepted him (even though he was a Jew concealed under the garb of an Arab from Al Masaleekh clan.)

Saudis “turning Mecca into Las Vegas”

When the caravan was ready to depart returning to Najd, that Jewish merchant asked tem to accept his company, because he intended to go with them to his original homeland, Najd. Upon hearing that from him, they wholeheartedly welcomed him with a very cheerful attitude.
So that (concealed) Jew reached Najd with the caravan. In Najd, he started to promulgate a lot of propaganda for himself through his companions (his alleged cousins), a fact, which gathered around him a considerable number of new supporters. But, unexpectedly, he confronted a campaign of opposition to his views led by Sheikh Saleh Salman Abdullah Al Tamimi, who was a Muslim religious preacher in Al-Qaseem.
The radius of his preaching area included Najd, Yemen, and Hijaz, a fact which compelled the Jew (the Ancestor of the present Saud family) to depart from Al Qaseem to Al Ihsa, where he changed his name (Mordakhai) to Markan bin Dir’iya near Al-Qateef, where he started to spread among the inhabitants a fabricated story about the shield of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that it was taken as a booty by an Arab pagan in consequence of the Battle of Uhud between the Arab pagans and the Muslims. “That shield,” he said, “was sold by the Arab pagan to a Jewish clan called Banu Qunaiqa who preserved it as a treasure!

Saudi Arabia: Arm Sales & Corruption!

He gradually enhanced his position among the Bedouins through such stories, which indicated how the Jewish clans in Arabia were so influential, and deserved high esteem. He gained some personal importance among the Bedouins, and decided to permanently settle there, at Dir’iya town, neat Al Qateef, which he decided to be his “Capital” on the Persian Gulf. He aspired to make it his springboard for establishing a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia.
In order to fulfill his ambitious scheme, he started to approach the desert Arab Bedouins for support of his position, and then gradually, he declared himself as their king!

LIfestyle Of Wahabi Prince Walid bin Tallal – Its Not Las Vegas Its Riyadh

At that juncture, Ajaman Tribe, together with Banu Khaled Tribe became fully aware of that Jewish cunning plan after they had verified his true identity, and decided to put an end to him. They attacked his town and conquered it, but before arresting him he had escaped by the skin of his teeth.
That Jewish ancestor of the Saudi Family, Mordakhai, sought shelter in a farm at that time called Al-Malibeed-Ghusaiba near Al-Arid, which is called at our present time Al-Riyadh.

Arab Royal family extravagant and selfish life style!!

He requested the owner of that farm to grant him asylum. The farmer was so hospitable that he immediately gave him sanctuary. But no longer than a month had he (Mordakhai) stayed there, when he assassinated the landlord and all members of his family, pretending that they were killed by an invading band of thieves. Then he pretended that he had bought that real estate from them before that catastrophe happened to them! Accordingly, he had the right to reside there as a landlord. He then gave a new name to that place: Al-Diriya-the same name as that he had lost.
That Jewish ancestor (Mordakhai) of the Saudi Family, was able to establish a “Guest House” called “Madaffa” on the land he usurped from his victims, and gathered around him a group of hypocrites who started to spread out false propaganda for him that he was a prominent Arab Sheikh. He plotted against Sheikh Saleh Salman Abdulla Al Tamimi, his original enemy, and caused his assassination in the mosque of the town called Al-Zalafi.

Saudi Royal Family Are Kuffar British Agents! by AlMalahimMedia
After that, he felt satisfied and safe to make Al-Diriya his permanent home. There he practiced polygamy at a wide scale, and indeed, he begot a lot of children whom he gave pure Arab names.
Ever since his descendants grew up in number and power under the same name of Saudi Clan, they have followed his steps in practicing under ground activities and conspiracies against the Arab nation. They illegally seized rural sectors and farmlands and assassinated every person who tried to oppose their evil plans. They used all kinds of deceit for reaching their goals; they bought the conscience of their dissidents; they offered their women and money to influential people in that area, particularly those who started to write the true biography of that Jewish family; they bribed the writers of history in order to purify their ignominious history, and to make their lineage related to the most prominent Arab tribes such as Rabi’a, Anza, and Al Masaleekh.
A conspicuous hypocrite in our era, whose name is Mohammad Amin Al Tamimi- Director/Manager of the contemporary Libraries of the Saudi Kingdom, made up a genealogical tree (family tree) for this Jewish family (the Saudis), connecting them to our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For his false work, he received a reward of 35 thousand Egyptian pounds from the then Saudi Ambassador to Cairo, Egypt, in the year 1362 A.H.-1943 A.D. The name of that Ambassador is Ibrahim Al-Fadel.
As aforementioned, the Jewish ancestor of the Saudi family, (Mordakhai), practiced polygamy by marrying a lot of Arab women and begot many children; his polygamous practice is, at the present time, being carried out “to the letter” by his descendants; they cling to his martial heritage!
One of Mordakhai’s sons called Al-Maraqan, arabized from the Jewish root Mack-ren, begot a son called Mohammad, then another son called Saud, which is the name of the present day Saudi Dynasty.
Descendants of Saud (the present day Saudi Family) started a campaign of assassination of the prominent leaders of the Arab Tribes under the pretence that those leaders were apostates; renegading from the Islamic Religion, and deserting their Qur’aanic doctrines; so they deserved the Saudi condemnation and slaughter!
In the History Book of the Saudi Family pages 98-101, their private family historian declares that the Saudi dynasty considers all people of Najd blasphemous, so their blood must be shed, their properties confiscated, and their females taken as concubines; no Muslim is authentic in his/her belief unless he/she belongs (affiliates) to the sect of Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab (whose origins are also Jewish from Turkey.) His doctrines give authority to the Saudi Family to destroy villages with all their inhabitants-males including children, and to sexually assault their women; stab the bellies of the pregnant, and cut off the hands of their children, then burn them! They are further authorized by such a brutal doctrine to plunder all the properties of which they call renegades (not following their Wahabi sect.)
Their hideous Jewish family has, in fact, done all that kind of atrocities in the name of their false religious sect (the Wahabi), which has actually been invented by a Jew so as to sow the seeds of terror in the hearts if people in towns and villages. This Jewish Dynasty has been committing such brutal atrocities ever since 1163 A.H. They have named the whole Arabian Peninsula after their family name (Saudi Arabia) as if the whole region is their own personal real estate, and that all other inhabitants are their mere servants or slaves, toiling day and night for the pleasure of their masters (The Saudi Family.)
They are completely holding the natural wealth of the country as their own property. If any poor person from the common people raises his/her voice complaining against any of the despotic rules of this Jewish Dynasty, the Dynasty cuts off his/her head in the public square. A princess of theirs once visited Florida, USA, with her retinue; she rented 90 (ninety) Suite rooms in a Grand Hotel for about One Million dollars a night! Can anyone of her subjects comment about that extravagant event? If he/she does, his/her fate is quite known: DEATH WITH THE EDGE OF THE SAUDI SWORD IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE!!!!!
In the 1960′s the “Sawt al Arab ” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a confirmed the Jewish ancestry of the Saudi family.
King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the Jews when he declared to the Washington Post on Sept.17, 1969 stating: “We, the Saudi Family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” That was the declaration of King Faisal Al-Saud bin Abdul Aziz!!!
Hafez Wahbi, the Saudi legal advisor, mentioned in his book entitled “The Peninsula of Arabia” that King Abdul Aziz A-Saud, who died in 1953, had said: “Our message (Saudi Massage) encountered the opposition of all Arab Tribes. My grandfather, Saud Awal, once imprisoned a number of the Sheikhs of Matheer Tribe; and when another group of the same tribe came to intercede for the release of the prisoners, Saud Awal gave orders to his men to cut off the heads of all the prisoners, then, he wanted to humiliate and derogate the interceders by inviting them to eat from a banquet he prepared from the cooked flesh of his victims whose cut off heads he place in the top of the food platters! The interceders became so alarmed and declined to eat the flesh of their relatives, and, because of their refusal to eat, he ordered his men to cut off their heads too. That hideous crime was committed by that self imposed king to innocent people whose guilt was their opposition to his most cruel and extremely despotic rules.
Hafez Wahbi states further that King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud related that bloody true story to the Sheikhs of the Matheer Tribs, who visited him in order to intercede for their prominent leader at that time, Faisal Al Darweesh, who was the king’s prisoner. He related that story to them in order to prevent them from interceding for the release of their Sheikh; otherwise, they would meet the same fate; he killed the Sheikh and used his blood as an ablution liquid from him just before he stood up for his prayer (after the false sect doctrine of the Wahabi). The guilt of Faisal Darweesh at that time was that he had criticized King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud when the king signed the document which the English Authorities prepared in 1922 as a declaration for giving Palestine to the Jews; his signature was obtained in the conference held at Al Aqeer in 1922.
That was and still is the system of this regime of the Jewish family) (Saudi Family). All its goals are: plundering the wealth of the country, robbing, falsifying, and committing all kinds of atrocity, iniquity, and blasphemy-all are executed in compliance with their self invented Wahabi Sect which legalizes the chopping of the heads of their opposing subjects.
Read More from different sources about Saudi Kings are blood thirsty Jews!
Read More from different sources about Saudi Kings are blood thirsty Jews!
Read More from different sources about Saudi Kings are blood thirsty Jews!

Now you also do your own research to find the truth! Do not only depend on one source but rather do your own research too!

Because the unbelievable warm and strong relationship between USA Politicians, Banks, Jews, and Saudi Kings and Business People, Osama Bin Laden with Carlyle Group is bloody amazing!!!

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  1. How is this possible that ,these Jewish creatures are having the KAABA?????????? Why are they NOT BEING BEHEADED until now??? We ,the Muslims are going to pay FOR THE JEWS TO PRAY in MECCA???????? IT IS NOT O.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The FKE jews and the Saudis and most catholic leaders are Kenites ( Seed of Cain) – Cain was seed of Satin/Serpent.

  3. By reading that, the Haji rituals is the work of Jews, that is to say is shirik, the hadiths could also created by them denouncing the rest of Prophets. They are making 30 USD billion annually by telling false teaching about Islam.

  4. The “white” Je ws are NOT European. They have different DNA and Phenotype than Caucasian/Europeans.
    The Chinese have these people in their histories – they were called the Xiongnu. They owned almost all the wealth of the known world for quite sometime. They would send “tax collectors” and “rulers” to different countries to guarantee Tribute was being sent back to their Empire.
    The USA’s government is completely run by Je ws and Zionists. All industry in the USA is controlled or owned outright by them as well. The media/entertainment has always been dominated by them – now it is virtually controlled by only them. They change their names to “Gentile” sounding surnames to confuse the “Goyim”….
    Google the Je ws and the newest Catholic pope – they wanted to help CHOOSE him, and they aren’t even CATHOLIC – they don’t believe in Jesus Christ at all! At least Muslims believe he was a prophet of the most high!
    The common people of the USA Do Not want war, they want to be free too. They want to live in peace, but the MEDIA that is owned and controlled by the Je ws tells them to hate Muslims, tells them Muslims want to come take their freedoms away. But really it is the Je ws that want to kill Christians – they’ve talked about it for years, even in their book of laws the TALMUD talks about killing off Christians (Western Europeans). They just need people to help them do it.
    The USA people are debt slaves, they wish to take our guns. It is the only thing keeping us free.

  5. ” But really it is the Je ws that want to kill Christians – they’ve talked about it for years, even in their book of laws the TALMUD talks about killing off Christians (Western Europeans). They just need people to help them do it.”
    So why not enlighten Christians to realize who their real enemies are?

  6. You can only ask forgiveness and repent whit your whole soul, it is only Allah who sees youre soul and decides who he will forgive and who not.
    Allah has given freedom to all humans, but in the end we all must answer to him.
    Path of evil;
    Jalousy feeds greed, greed feeds lust, lust feeds hate, hate feeds anger, anger feeds evil, and evil will consume you till there is nothing humane left inside of you.
    I just want to enlighten you, dont fall for the trap that is set for humanity!
    Souls are not born in color or race, smart or dumb, big or small, relligious or unbeliever. It is what you make of it or what is made of you.
    We are all one, we are all brothers and sisters, but it is you who chooses to be brother or sister.
    Trustworthy comes with deeds, only if you dont expect something in return. Without deeds, words are just empty shells.
    Action says more then words, words says more then silence, silence lays in a grave.
    You only got one life one chance, dont waste it!
    Wake up now before you wake up when youre dead, then it is to late.

  7. “Washington Post on Sept.17, 1969 stating: “We, the Saudi Family, are cousins of the Jews” – King Faisal Al-Saud
    Do not spin the meaning of this statement, this statement indicates that Arabs and Jews are as if a cousin, because they both are from the same root the same father, he is Abraham. Jews are the decendent of Israel a.k.a jacob son of Isaac who is a son of Abraham (through Sarah), while the Arabs are decendent of Ishmael son of Abraham (through Hagar). Ishmael and Isaac are brothers, so sons of Ishmael & sons of Isaac are considered cousin. So this statement is totally true.

  8. في احد الاحاديث قيل
    سل رسول الله ، من احب قوم لك يا رسول الله ؟ قال اهل اليمن والشام ، نفس السوال اعيد مرتان والجواب لم يتغير فقال احد القاعدين و ما بال اهل نجد يا رسول الله ؟ قال سينبغ الشىطان منها . فمن هم الوهابيه و نن اين اتو ؟ ( نجد ) و من هم آل سعود ومن اين اتونا ؟ ( من نجد )
    Prophet Mohamed ( PBUH ) was asked .. who are the best people to you? His answer was people from Yemen and Sham . he was asked the same question again and again the answer was the same. One of the people around him asked the Prophet , What about the people from Najd his answer was The Satan will be born there, so Who is the Najdy people, the Wahabies and the Saudi king family? They are the people from Najd.
    Thank you for reading this bit of history

  9. the saudi royal family are opressive not doubt and they are sowing seeds of division so ulsim fights muslim in places like syria and iraq….also other innocent people, non muslims are targetted as in syria etc.
    saudis like zionists are to be condemned for their actions,thier injustice, greed and so forth, not because of perhaps having certain ancestors….if some jewish people truly converted to islam and intermarried with other muslims/arbs, one cannot hold this against the descendants….racism is not islamic….jews are people of the book…if they stray from the book condemn the straying not the race/group….we are all inviduals and are responsible for our individual acts.
    genealogy is interesting, but in the end mostly irrelevant here-there is not need to cite [possibly] having a jewish ancestor as a reason to condemn a person/ the saudi royals since it is clearly their actions which are to be condemned and stopped yes…..
    if they are a foreign tribe [ not from arabia] say form iraq or elsewhere, then their original claiming of land over other people who live on the land [ in arabia] is spurious i would agree- due to their not being from the area….inciting more hatred on the basis of ancestors is not good for anyone…..there is plenty of reason to condemn saudis for what they have done and what they are doing presently- against the saudi people in general and others across the region…

  10. Firstly, in the 1960’s the dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser held power in Egypt and was engaged in a cold war with the Saudi king Faisal for leadership of the Arab world. In 1962 Nasserite revolutionaries took over North Yemen (Sanaa). So whatever “Sawt Al Arab” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a say about the Saudi’s genealogy should be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Secondly even if we accept the (unbelievable) story that they had a male Jewish ancestor, the mothers were all Muslim, Arab (as per the story itself). This means that they are not Jewish as per the Judaic religion.

  11. Whether kikes or not, they are worse than israhell, at least we can see the zionists, but these mother*F***KRs are the enemy within.

  12. Many Muslim families have Jewish by ancestral origin, like Pashtuns and many other Arab Families are descendents of the Jewish Tribes, but they are all Muslims by Religion. + What is wrong with being a Jew… Don’t listen to the bloody Mullahs they are out there to only and only spread misconceptions, conflict and discord.

  13. to the blogger
    sir let me remind you that no one of us have a pure Muslim roots either we have a Jewish or a christian or etc because when ever the message comes from the god in the form of any books to some prophets till some time it was unchanged den after some years they again committed shirk so non of us have a pure Muslim roots

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  15. the tribal family tree to which i, the saudi royal family, the iracis, kurds, jews etc belong too is an ancient tribal family tree started in egypt but the problem is the jews wrongly belive that it is their tribal tree.
    if you have have a surname that can be traced to that tribal tree and practice judaism and r circumsized the jews claim that you are a decendant of that tribal tree but if u r not circumsized they claim u r noit decended from it and that u r decended from a person that copied a tribe name from that tribal family tree ansd took it as his own and so deny u of your ancestry and so dont just steal your ancestral homerland but try to steal your anceatry, when however its a famous person such sas an arab prince thgen jews claim yes u r decended from that tribal family tree and u r a jew.
    basically the jews ignorance and antinonjewite racism causes many problems and so i avocate their extermination

  16. Assalamualaikumwarohmatullahi wabarokatuh
    Dear Ba Aden; You had answered the above subject and dilemma superbly and precisely according to the Hadis Rasulullah (PBUH)..keep it up,it was an eye opening for a person like myself who are not familiar with the Arabic Geo-politic and history…keep it up my dear Brother.To me it is quiet difficult to see through a wolf who disguise himself as a sheep by covering himself with the sheep wool…masyaAllah,as the wise man says in order to see things that are invisible to your eyes,you can only see the hidden thing by looking at things that are visible eyes…if you go to the city of Mecca Al-Mukaramah did you notice that all the doors to enter to the Kaabah are name after King’s name and their famillies or kins instead of naming after the prophet or friend’s of Rasulullah and etc? Why did the relics like house of Rasulullah,library or anything to do with Rasulullah had been destroyed by this so call custodian of Mecca Al-Mukaramah.Remember contemplating is better than 70 times of praying..

  17. wow ! if this is true , however what would you expect from such kafrins, that practice from the satanical telmud.

  18. I always suspected this was the case! I also heard that Osama Bin Laden (also Saudi originally) was Arab Jewish (Mizrakrim) in origen and suffered from a disease (so did his lady cousin in America) called ‘thelosimmia’ (where you need dialisis) and that’s the way Osama really died, not by the hands of (secret Sunni Muslim) US President Barack Obama (or Barry Soetoro), but by ‘thelosimmia’ also his lady cousin died from this disease in America as well. Many Arab and Serfadi Jews suffer from this condition as well. Also the post by ‘Jews R Dumb’ is well said, because Jews have 2 left hands and 2 left feet. They are no good in trades (except pawnbroking or Taxi driving). The Jews were banned from trades in the British Empire, until recent times. The Jews made all their money from the Holocaust racket/scam, whatever you want to call it. The Jews are a borderline retarded race and also have high rates of schizophrenia and paranoia.It’s all true for anyone who wants to look into this.

  19. This internet site is Jew-Hating and as much as you hate me I hate you billions times more. Before you can wipe Nazi I$raHeLl off the map of the worl which you will ‘never succeed’ to do, all you will be glassed over ha ha ha. Youare all the scum of this earth with your beheadings and focing your religion on people who don’t want it. JEWS have never imposed their faith on anyone,
    However you have used force on non Muslims either convert or die by the sword which is still used to this very day, smamee on you.

  20. I have seen many Saudis that look Jewish, they could come from London or Paris.
    They look very much like Jewish men an women you would see in stores or shops.
    I am not even tking about comparing them with the physiognomy of Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews, just Jews whether Ashkenazi or other.

  21. dear Sammi
    i dont understand why you are so disturbed about the conversation as they are all facts. why are you blaming the Muslims about converting by force when even the Germans and the British hated Jews from a long long time ago and killed so many. The Muslims at least gave them a choice to live and convert or die. What choice have the Jews given to the millions of muslims they are killing for greed and power. Thats why the Jews will never be forgiven by God because they killed so many holy people and prophets that God had sent. Remember who is the real enemy here.

    In the video’s narratives, please bear in mind that the JEWS AND MUSLIMS referred to were the original BLACK PEOPLE of the region, not the modern “white” TURKS and JEWS.
    The great Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was a Black man and so was Yeshua (Jesus). It was Mohammed who first brought the Turks to Mecca and Medina. Now, the descendants of his Mameluk/Seljuk slave soldiers own and rule the whole of Arabia which, until the 12th century or so, was predominantly black–the indigenous Jews and Arabs.
    Today, the whole history has been WHITEWASHED by the Turks (Ottomans and Khazars) who control both Islam and Judaism. The Turks (Turkic Arabs) are now Islam’s dominant group. Their cousins, the Khazar Turks a.k.a. Ashkenazi a.k.a. European Jews a.k.a. Modern Jews, dominate Judaism.
    Berbers are turning white. Bedouins are turning white, Jews and Jesus have turned white. Modern Israel is Turkish white, Arabs are now Turkish white. Tuaregs are turning Turkish white. Mohammed is Turkish white, Buddha has turned white, Krishna is turning white, Africa is turning white, Europe turned white, the American continent turned white, Asia is turning white, Australia is now white, New Zealand became white, Canada turned white, India is “whitenizing”, Egypt is now Turkish white, Morocco is Turkish white, Mauritania is Turkish white, Algeria is Turkish white, the entire Middle East is Turkish white, God is white and Satan is black.
    But black is the origin of all colors and everything on earth!

  23. Many members of the Saudi.Royal Family have much fairer skin than the rest of the population,which could indicate a Jewish link as the Jews of the Had ragout were in fact much lighter skinned than the rest of the population.
    I have noticed that some members of the Saudi Royal family who have vacationed in London UK. or in Cannes in the South of France have resembling features of the Jewish Communities of those countries.
    If you would put the two peoples together
    westerners wouldn’the be able to tell them apart.

  24. The English Royals are known to be Jewish too!
    That’s why HRH Prince of Wales is good friends with the Saudi Royals.
    It’s all part of the long-term agenda to re-establish ‘The Temple Of Solomon’ in Israel, which will lead (unfortunately) to WWIII !
    But the meglomaniacs in the Rothschild Zionist Dynasty don’t see it that way, they think the world ‘belongs to them’ and ‘they control the money supply’, well good luck to them if they do, but once you start up a major conflict in the Middle East, this war will never stop!
    This major war can drag on for the next 100 years!
    The Zionist meglomaniacs think they’ll make alot of money out of this, well for the short-term at first, but then they could very well lose control of the whole situation in the long-term.
    The Zionist Illuminati want (via Israel) also to declare war against Shia Iran (Persia=Israel’s ancient enemy) and Iran’s allies (China & Russia).
    Well if this happens, then we’ll see a major nuclear conflict, which the long-term outcome will be of no benefit to anyone!
    The Zionist NWO think, by reducing the World’s population by 80%, they’ll have an ‘easier world to control’, so that’s what they think!

  25. Great work, but the Ashkenazi Jews isn’t the same Hebrew as the original. Banu Qaynuqa isn’t of Ashkenaz ancestry.
    We have to stop confusing the two. The Current Jew is a convert and isn’t connected directly to Jacob aka Israel.

  26. seems like some shia-jewish conspiracy theory against their saudi-jewish brethren brought to you by another jew!! Just a decade ago the very same shia and jews were calling other races as Jewish in origin just like they were calling anglo race as jewish in origin or Queen Elizabeth as Jew !!…lol ……Ignore.
    Now, on serious note. Saudis have been in bed with anglo-british and Americans. But Irani mullahs contrary to the belief have also been in bed with the same european races!! Any video on that?

  27. How dare you make reference to the Shoah.
    All you can do is Taqiyyah Taqiyya & Taqiyyah Palestinians Arabs were never gassed burnt in ovens either dead or alive as were Jews.
    Stop your dirty lies and move on with your lives as over 50,000,000 refugees world wide did after world war two

  28. Behaviour & practices of al Saud were a mystery for me. There were many missing links which now I am able to connect them in a better fashion. Thank you Gentlemen.

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