Another Bloody Sunday relative gone
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Relatives of those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday are deeply saddened today at the death of John (Johnny) Duddy, who died in the early hours of this morning.
Mr Duddy was the brother-in-law of John Johnston, the second person shot on Bloody Sunday. John Johnston (59) died of his wounds a few months later, the only person not to die immediately or soon after being shot.
Mr Duddy died at his home in Marlborough Street, aged 87.
Speaking on behalf of the Bloody Sunday families and wounded, Tony Doherty paid tribute to Mr Duddy.
He said: “Johnny Duddy was a tireless campaigner from the early days of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign, loyally representing the Johnston family right through until several months before his death. He will be remembered as a serious, but at times jovial figure, who brightened up many a gloomy day on the campaign trail.”
Mr Duddy was present on the march in 1972 and in the years since Bloody Sunday, he fully represented the Johnston family with pride, carrying the flame for John Johnston until the day he died.
In the months before his death, Mr Duddy wrote a letter to the Bloody Sunday families expressing his feelings about the campaign and the Saville Inquiry.
Part of this poignant letter read:
“I am now 87-years-old and must be one of the oldest alive who went through Bloody Sunday. I would love to be around to see the killers brought to justice. Nothing less. I never spoke at any of the meetings as I felt I had nothing to offer, but I would like to see interested people abroad getting all the facts and being shown the diagrams of the shootings and the distances involved.”
Tony Doherty added:
 “It’s a terrible injustice to Johnny personally that his death took place possibly just weeks before the release of the Saville Report into Bloody Sunday. He will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by all concerned.”
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