Dirty Salma Yaqoob, “sought at every turn to make political capital out of Gaza”.
Here’s his full email, sent to Liberal Democrat councillors:

Dear Colleagues,

The situation is as follows:

Monday I agreed that any demonstration should take place on Sunday, as this had been the accepted day for marches.

Wednesday evening I was phoned to advise me that ACC Hyde was concerned about public order and the march/meeting that was now taking place on Saturday. I was able to verify that leaflets were being printed to that effect.

Thursday morning @ BSP [Birmiingham Strategic partnership], ACC Hyde spoke to me with the CE [Chief Executive, Stephen Hughes] and Sharon Lea.
I said that I was prepared to look @ a route for the march that did not take it through the shopping centres. Later there was a meeting at Lloyd House at which Zaker [Choudhry, Bordesley councillor) spoke to me when I confirmed that the Tories remained against the march.
Friday, whilst chairing Core Cities I took a call from Sharon, who advised me of the agreed route, without the City taking responsibility. I later spoke to Len Gregory at which I reiterated that we had to find agreement, as the demonstration was taking place and we could not have an unknown number of people who were hyped up by Gaza going through the City Centre.

The CE was aware of my stance, on Monday I raised the situation @ EMT [Executove Management team] as cabinet colleagues and Alistair can confirm, I was very firm in my views. I have no problem with this information being made public.

I also wish to make clear that by her actions Selma Yacoob has sought at every turn to make political capital out of Gaza and the City, whilst other contributions from our Cllrs have been measured.
Paul Tilsley

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