Russian’s Destroy Ukie Command Center in Donbass with Hypersonic/Kinzhal-Dagger

By: VT

Sourced from Independent Russian Media and Fact Checked by VT Over the past day, Russian aviation hit 42 military targets of Ukraine, including three command posts of Ukrainian Armed Forces militants.

Slavyangrad@NuestraIraSLG#DONBASS—On April 11, 2022, #Russia|n forces conducted a high-precision strike using #Kinzhal hypersonic missile to destroy a well-fortified underground command centre of #Ukraine|ian forces grouping in Donbass in the vicinity of #ChasovYar settlement.


According to him, over the past day, 42 military facilities of Ukraine were hit by Russian Aerospace Forces aviation, including three command posts, two radar stations, a fuel depot and 35 strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Selidovo, and a Ukrainian launcher of tactical missiles “Tochka-U” was destroyed. , two installations of multiple launch rocket systems, several areas of accumulation of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and up to 40 Ukrainian nationalists.


In addition, the Russian army destroyed the base camp of the Nazi terrorist organization Right Sector* (an extremist organization banned in Russia – ed.) near Novogradovka.

*extremist organization, banned in Russia.

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