Russian military source: Ankara hands weapons to “Al-Nusra”

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

As the Turkish army continues to send its reinforcements to Idlib, a Russian military and diplomatic source said that Ankara is very active in transporting weapons to Idlib.

“Sputnik” quoted a military and diplomatic source as saying that Turkey provided the terrorists in Idlib with the American air defense system, and that these devices used by Turkish ships have fallen into the hands of the terrorists.

The source indicated that the fighters of the “Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham” and other groups are fighting with the “Turkish army uniform” in operations against the Syrian army,

He pointed out that “the armed men in the de-escalation zone in Idlib in Syria are using anti-aircraft missile systems and this is the main concern today.”

The military source’s statements came after the Syrian army regained control of the village of Kafr Nana in the western countryside of Aleppo and on the 46th regiment in the southwestern countryside after battles with the Nusra Front militants.

Turkish reinforcements
In context, the Turkish army sent, on Saturday, new military reinforcements to observation points in Idlib governorate.

Anadolu Agency reported that buses carrying special forces arrived in the city of Rihanli in the southern province of Hatay, explaining that the special forces boarded armored personnel carriers, immediately after their arrival in the border area, heading to the control points in Idlib.

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