Rhetoric: ‘al-Qaeda and affiliates’ may pose terror threats to Olympic games over coming days

U.S. warships and military forces are moving into position ready to respond to a number of specific threats, Black Widows cited
By Shepard Ambellas

RUSSIA (INTELLIHUB) — Media rhetoric is now in full-swing.
Mouthpieces are parroting how “al-Qaeda and affiliates” may pose specific threats, expressing “interest” in the Olympic games which will be held in Russia over the coming days. Interestingly, congressman Mike Rogers (R) MI., chairman of the Intelligence Committee is on the forefront of the spin as the Michigan Democrat can not be trusted.
What we are really seeing is the constant resurrection of the boogeyman, the old Osama Bin Laden trick. At least that’s what the upper echelon intends for all nations of the world as they want us to all live in a constant state of fear so we can be more easily manipulated like sheep.

The environment at the Olympics is “high-threat” the congressman reiterated in the televised interview, continuing on to acknowledge that hotels could even be targeted as suggested by the host Erin Burnett.
The bottom line is that terrorists are looking for “security gaps”, pressed the chairman, before Burnett went on to cut him off, talking about “Black Widows 2.0″, a new breed of female suicide bomber native to Russia. The group of bombers, typically mind-controlled, have managed to cause immense destruction, creating havoc for civilians throughout Russia in previous years.

Locals take the Black Widows seriously and some in the area still live in fear brought on by previous suicide bombing attacks.
It is not yet fully understood if factions of the Russian government have been working with the Widows to carry out previous or future attacks, further stripping freedoms from Russian citizens.

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