CNN Writers: ‘Political conventions’ attract ‘sex trafficking’ and predators

CNN Writers: ‘Political conventions’ attract ‘sex trafficking’ and predators

Do elites and sitting politicians, in seats of power, yearn to conduct illegal and vulgar sexual acts?

By Staff Writer

Recently, at least 45 people were arrested in for operating in conjunction with illegal human sex trafficking rings, which according to CNN, arepopular at “major sporting events and political conventions“. Reports say at least 13 underage sexual slaves have been freed.
This type of sadistic and twisted behavior appeared to surrounding the buildup and takedown of the NFL’s propaganda masterpiece at Super Bowl last Sunday. While these arrests pertained to a sporting event this time, people in seats of power, including a large number of U.S. political figureheads and members of the mainstream press, are often known to take full advantage of illegal underage sexual prostitution as previously described.
Astonishingly, such cases have been documented and whistleblowers have come forth.
Roberts Court reported:
Cathy O’Brien, a federal whistle-blower and surviver of Monarch Programming, testified before the U.S. Congress that sex education in the home is the only known method that would help protect our children from this massive silent killer. She was made a sex mule by our own government through active programs designed to keep children ignorant, keep us all ignorant! But for completely smug political reasons, Republicans have savagely advanced the opposite position of criminalizing parents and presenting themselves as “child advocate heroes.” Because our government has imposed this programming onto literally millions of Americans, political agents are using this as a reason to build hysteria, while they simultaneously destroy millions of lives. It is now absolutely imperative that parents be given the rights already invested in them by the Supreme Court to protect their children from wrongful government programs. 
True protection of children can be made to mimic criminal activity by wrongful authorities, but this education is anything but criminal. Wrongful authority has an agenda which advances the polar opposite of good parenting. In an age of complete mind control and Orwellian deceit, good parents must educate their children in complete secrecy as has been necessary for centuries under tyrants. In order to protect your children from active Monarch-programmed predators, active CIA sex-mule programs and the killer programming of the Pentagon, good parents must use effective sex education as developed at Harvard and used around the world! Parents must fundamentally question their own government. Parents are no longer falling for this outrageous fraud against our families in the name of “patriotism.”
Others, such as conspiracy theorists, speculate that satanic rituals are being conducted in secret meetings which take place yearly, deep into the California redwoods.

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