Remembering Why Real Americans Fight


Truth, Justice and the “American Way”


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Generations of Americans have fought the British, the Germans, but mostly each other in order to give our kids a chance at life and hope for a decent job.

And having to fight an endless war in some far away hell hole was never part of the basics of the “American Way.”

It was going to be flying cars, cures for cancer, college for all, gleaming cities and pristine suburbs, picturesque small towns, orderly farms, generations worked for this future, a million died for it.

Thus far, only the Swiss are living it, a country also filled with arms factories and banks loaded to the gills with OPM.  (Other People’s Money)

As for America, I spent yesterday shopping in Detroit.  I love Detroit.  Why?  I love hopeless causes, Detroit and now America.

We are a hopeless cause.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

A few weeks after our kids started demonstrating against the financial criminals that stole their future, “we” passed the NDAA, a law that ends all rights for all Americans forever.

Remember Al Franken, former comedian, now Senator from Minnesota, an unlikely hero?  Who would have known:

Senator Al Franken – Into the Breech

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that includes provisions on detention that I found simply unacceptable.

These provisions are inconsistent with the liberties and freedoms that are at the core of the system our Founders established. ..

The bill that passed on Thursday included several problematic provisions, the worst of which could allow the military to detain Americans indefinitely, without charge or trial, even if they’re captured in the U.S.

At their core, these provisions will radically alter how we investigate, arrest, and detain individuals suspected of terrorism.

What’s more, they could undermine the safety of our troops stationed abroad, and they introduce new and unnecessary uncertainty into our counter terrorism efforts.

The Founders who crafted our Constitution and Bill of Rights were careful to draft a Constitution of limited powers — one that would protect Americans’ liberty at all times — both in war, and in peace…

How Much Time Do We Have Left?

With this defense authorization act, Congress will, for the first time in 60 years, authorize the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial, according to its advocates.

…And what we are talking about here is that Americans could be subjected to life imprisonment without ever being charged, tried, or convicted of a crime, without ever having an opportunity to prove their innocence to a judge or a jury of their peers.

And without the government ever having to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think that denigrates the very foundations of this country. It denigrates the Bill of Rights.

It denigrates what our Founders intended when they created a civilian, non-military justice system for trying and punishing people for crimes committed on U.S. soil.

Our Founders were fearful of the military–and they purposely created a system of checks and balances to ensure we did not become a country under military rule. This bill undermines that core principle, which is why I could not support it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, and this wasn’t the way to mark its birthday.

Spanish Coup d’Etat – “Can You See Me Now? “

I can tell you why the bill was passed and signed though it is blatantly illegal, even treasonous.

America is now and has been since the stolen election, a coup d’etat in 2000, a “police state”.

It is a kleptocratic monstrosity feeding off the lives, the savings and decency of our own people, feared and hated around the world.

We are hardly a beacon of freedom for anyone anymore.

President Barak Obama, someone many hoped would be a person of courage and decency seems to have lost his mind.  Why has he done this?

Worse still are the Republicans.  They don’t think this is enough.

There is no right that can’t be violated, nothing that can’t be stolen, no crime too great that a majority of American politicians, slaves to those who bought them the second they entered politics, there is nothing an American politician won’t do.

There isn’t even room for a joke about this.


Will We Fight Each Other – While the Bad Guys Watch?

What are our new hopes?  We hope our own military and police will refuse the orders we now know are coming.

These will be orders to put Americans into prisons or simply kill them and bury the bodies in public dumps as though they were our heroic war dead turned over to the Air Force. (You didn’t know?)

Our government has thrown down the gauntlet.

We can stay stupid, support the two political parties they offer, vote for their judges, obey their police, starve quietly, living as slaves or we can die at their hands.

Will they use gas chambers?

Years ago, when the news was taken over, it was coming.  9/11 was the watershed.

We were told two lightweight airliners, supposedly hijacked by terrorists seen going to casinos with Jack Abramoff, Republican “fixer,” knocked down 3 huge buildings, a relatively small amount of cool burning jellied kerosene vaporizing hundreds of thousands of tons of structural steel, including one building not hit at all.

Arrests were made, truckloads of explosives but the drivers were Israeli, not Arab.  That had to be cleaned out of the news quickly.

A low flying missile hit the Pentagon accounting office, where records for the investigation of $2.3 trillion in stolen funds were kept.

Keane and Hamilton – They Knew Witnesses Perjured Themselves and Evidence was Withheld – Yet the Commission Did Not Resign in Protest

Afterward, we all know the story.  Movies were made, telling of aircraft hijackings and passengers, movies now known to be totally false.

The 9/11 Commission Report has been proven false, documents, testimony and scientific evidence debunks all of it.

We could talk about the wars and over two million dead but people count for nothing.

Since 9/11, $2,500,000,000,000,000…99% of it “imaginary money” is now missing, enough money to buy the sun, enough to fight World War II a thousand times.

It’s enough to give every family in the US a Ferrari, a mansion and a million dollars a year till the end of time, is “missing.”  (based on 2.3% ROI, FDIC guarantee assumed)

I now have a list.


Al Franken Faced up to the Congressional Coup

Al Franken is on it.  Al Franken is the only patriotic American in Washington.  Ron Paul may well be with us, we hope so anyway.

There are two lists.  The other one involves treason and betrayal.

Every American has a duty.  Keep a list.  Let’s get every American on record, every judge, every governor, every state legislator.

For certain, as Stewart Rhodes will tell you, every American than has sworn an oath is obligated to publicly denounce the current NDAA.  (National Defense Authorization Act)


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Ordering any member of the police or military to enforce a law that violates, not one or two constitutional provisions but nearly all of them, has to be a criminal act, minimally a felony, probably treason.

Arrest of such people must be prepared for.

What would a real America do?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

We Have Seen This Happen Before – John Kennedy Was Not the First, or the Last – Is It Our Turn on the Table Next?

They would get a lawyer, they would get bail, they would be judged by a jury of their peers.

They would have the right to counsel and if they couldn’t afford counsel, such would be appointed for them.

They would be protected from self incrimination.  They would be protected from torture, cruel and unusual punishment.

They would have these rights because 28 million American veterans fought for those rights.  This is what we define as the “American way.”

We will protect our country but we also remain a nation of laws, we will keep our decency, our honor and our system of justice.

However, don’t assume we won’t use that system.


It was created to defend America and to the surprise of some, the gangsters in Washington are not above the law.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean                                                              VT Gbay Graphics… by Steve Scroggins

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