Ramallah: Nazi Colonizers Cut 80 Olive Trees

Dutch colonization project during World War Two (The) | EHNE

Illegal Nazi JEWISH colonizers cut, Thursday more than 80 Palestinian olive trees near the al-Mughayyir village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Amin Abu Alia, the head of the al-Mughayyir Village Council, said the colonizers cut and uprooted 60 Dunams of Palestinian lands in orchards near the illegal Adi Ad colony which was built on stolen Palestinian lands.

He added that the Palestinians cannot enter their orchards in that area without prior approval from the army.

Abu Alia also said that the colonizers attacked farmers, wounding a man, identified as Aktham Na’san.

The attack was carried out in front of Nazi soldiers who did not attempt to stop the Nazi JEWISH colonizers.

A day earlier, the colonizers uprooted more than 60 Dunams of Palestinian lands in the area which witnesses frequent violations that have recently led to the uprooting of more than 500 olive trees.

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Two days ago, the colonizers invaded and harvested a Palestinian olive orchard in Sebastia Palestinian town, northwest of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and stole the produce.

While the attacks and violations carried out by the colonizers against the Palestinians, their homes, lands, and holy sites are ongoing across the occupied West Bank, they witness a serious escalation during the olive harvest season.

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