Raids and arrests in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Nazi occupation forces carried out raids and arrests in the cities of the occupied West Bank town of Issawiya in the occupied capital campaign, and raids resulted in the arrest of the arrest of three Palestinians .

In al-‘Esawiya, Nazi forces arrested Naseem Amjad Muheisen, 20, and Mohammed Mousa Hamdan, 20, after they raided their houses and transferred them to one of their centers in Jerusalem for questioning .

The Nazi occupation forces arrested Mohammed Mahmoud Daoud Tohme after the Nazi forces raided his house in Qafin village north of Tulkarm on Sunday .

In Hebron, Nazi occupying forces conducted intensive raids in the neighborhoods of Hebron and Al-Dhahiriya town, south of the city. And Moses Joseph potatoes .

At dawn, Nazi occupation forces raided two dormitories of students at Birzeit University during the incursion into the town .

In the town of Eizariya in Jerusalem, at least 46 Palestinians were injured during clashes between youths and soldiers of the Israeli army yesterday evening.

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