Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Egyptian Regime Acts in Support of Israel and United States

Mubarak and Egyptian Regime Attempt to Destroy Solidarity With Gaza

The following is a message from the organisers of the Gaza Freedom March and Jewish Peace News.
The regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, which has consistently worked with Israel and the United States to reimpose the rule of Fatah stooges over Gaza, including supporting Israel’s attack on and invasion of Gaza earlier this year, is now seeking to destroy international solidarity action with Gaza.
The regime of Mubarak receives the 2nd highest US military aid after Israel. It is a vicious, pro-US dictatorship, which unfortunately Palestinian leaders, including Arafat, turned to for help, despite the deal his predecessor Anwar Sadat made with Israel in the Camp David agreement.
As can be seen, the ‘help’ of this regime is only offered if it helps divide Palestinians and give succour and support to Israel. There is a clear message here for Palestinian solidarity activists in Britain and elsewhere. There is no solution to the Palestinian dispossession and oppression which does not tackle the Arab regimes too, those creatures and clients of the United States and Israel.
Whether one likes it or not, the solution to the Palestinian question is a regional one which cannot be solved within the confines of Palestine only. In this there is a clear divergence from the situation in South Africa where the Black regimes were not only marginal, but those surrounding South Africa had alread liberated themselves from British and Portuguese imperialism.
The road to Jerusalem goes through Cairo and Riyadh.

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