President Morsi should apologize – to apes, pigs, and vampires


The New York Times, Israel’s most prestigious “American” publication, is very angry. It seems that Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi once compared Zionists to apes, pigs, and bloodsuckers. According to theTimes, President Morsi once referred to Zionists as “vampires” and spoke of “these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.”
The Times is right. Morsi’s remarks are outrageous. He ought to apologize – to the apes, pigs, and vampires.
Apes, pigs, and vampires have never committed genocide. Apes, pigs, and vampires have never targeted innocent children playing on streets and playgrounds for systematic assassination by military snipers.
Apes, pigs, and vampires have never dropped white phosphorous bombs on civilian neighborhoods. Apes, pigs, and vampires have never used aggressive war – the supreme crime against humanity according to the Nuremburg Tribunals – to steal the land and resources of their defenseless neighbors.
Apes, pigs, and vampires have never taken over the entire US mainstream media and used it to broadcast nonstop pro-genocide propaganda.
Apes, pigs, and vampires do not murder people in false-flag terror attacks designed to be blamed on their enemies.
Apes, pigs, and vampires do not scheme to destroy the countries around them.
Apes, pigs, and vampires did not blow up the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, murder 3,000 Americans, and launch a genocidal war against a religion of almost two billion people.
It may be true that apes, pigs, and vampires would not make desirable guests at a dinner party; nor would they be considered ideal marriage partners for your son or daughter. Apes have a number of bad habits: They scratch their armpits, have questionable standards of hygiene, and sometimes run around breaking things and shrieking wildly.
But compared to a war criminal, a genocide perpetrator, a child murderer, a false-flag schemer, a white phosphorous bomber, a house-destroyer, an olive grove uprooter, a Rachel Corrie killer, a Mavi Marmara assassin, or a person who supports all these things, an ape is a model of decency and decorum. Comparing a Zionist to an ape insults the ape.
Pigs, for their part, are even dirtier than apes. Pigs root around in filth, gobble up excrement, and wallow in sewage. They do not smell pleasant, nor do they make interesting conversation.
But pigs do not ethnically-cleanse. In fact, they don’t cleanse anything at all.
A pig may reduce his pen to a wallow of foul, stinking mud. But no pig would ever force 1,700,000 people into a concentration camp like the Gaza Strip, and proceed to deprive those people of the means of life and livelihood. No pig would bomb them, shoot them, and starve them. No pig, despite his own taste for raw sewage, would force 1,700,000 people to drink unclean, unsafe water.
Vampires, like Zionists, prey on others. But vampires do not victimize millions of people. Vampires only suck the amount of blood they need.
Zionists spill the blood of untold numbers of people, and are prepared to kill hundreds of millions (google “Samson Option”) to protect their genocide project, or avenge its loss. Unlike vampires, Zionists are monumentally careless with the blood of others. And unlike vampires, Zionists spill oceans of the stuff.
It might be argued that President Morsi did not directly equate Zionists with apes and pigs. Instead, he merely referred to Zionists as the descendants of apes and pigs, echoing a Qur’anic verse that uses these metaphors to condemn those who rejected and persecuted the prophets.
But calling the Zionists “descendants of apes and pigs” is still a terrible insult to apes and pigs. The very idea that relatively harmless animals could give birth to such hideous offspring as Zionists is deeply offensive.
Ape Foxman, President of the Ape Anti-Defamation League (AADL), called a press conference in the monkey house of the Bronx Zoo yesterday demanding that President Morsi apologize for his remarks and donate at least ten million dollars to the AADL. “When the leader of a country has a history of statements demonizing apes, and he does not do anything to correct it, it makes sense that many simians would conclude that he cannot be trusted as a partner for peace and stability in inter-species relations,” Foxman explained as he jumped up and down and flung his feces at the assembled journalists.
Morsi’s remarks also triggered protests in other nations. In Eastern Europe, Count Dracula, President of the World Association of Vampires (WAV) led a march of several hundred protestors to the capitol of Transylvania, where the vampires demanded that Morsi retract his remarks and apologize to the Undead community.
Meanwhile, in France, angry mobs of pigs blocked major highways and intersections across the country, while thousands assembled at the Egyptian embassy in Paris, oinking slogans and making a terrible mess, until they were finally dispersed by French police.

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