Europe Criminalizes Freedom of Speech


Israeli ‘witch hunt’ cripples freedom of speech and ICC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Israel had already moved to have their “hasbara assets” silence Press TV in Europe and elsewhere, all attempts at “damage control” after their defeat in Gaza and, of course, their ties to Sandy Hook.”

Since the nearly unanimous United Nations vote to recognize Palestine as a free state, Israel has marshaled its political resources in Europe and elsewhere to “criminalize” moves against Israel, particularly in the International Criminal Court.
Recent frightening revelations that occupants of a Mossad “safe house” in the exclusive Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York were involved, not just in the Sandy Hook terrorist attack, but in trying to avert blame to “neo-Nazi” groups, has become a disaster for Israel. This is only the most recent bombshell.
With Palestine now able to seek redress for war crimes by Israel in the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Israel is seeking to silence all dissent, Palestinian and otherwise, that would aid in their prosecution.
Israel had already moved to have their “hasbara assets” silence Press TV in Europe and elsewhere, all attempts at “damage control” after their defeat in Gaza and, of course, their ties to Sandy Hook.
Direct moves within most EU nations, particularly Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands along with pressure in Switzerland and Canada, aided by attempts to pass new “silencing” laws in the United States, are intended to end future moves against Israel.
For instance, Germany is now ready to prosecute anyone, lawyers, diplomats, journalists or professors, anyone who speaks or publishes any information critical of Israel. It is now a crime in Germany to edit documents, even those presented to the United Nations or the International Criminal Court, if those documents contain evidence of Israeli crimes.
Lawyers, representing the Palestinian Authority, who have been tasked with preparing criminal charges against Israel for recent violations of Palestinian sovereignty tied to Netanyahu’s new “settlements” in now recognized Palestine, face imprisonment.
We have evidence that editors, translators and even computer technicians face prosecution, including but not limited to employees of both the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.
There is a long history of persecution of those who have challenged the historical narrative of the Holocaust. Hundreds of scholars, their attorneys and even journalists have been jailed for as long as fifteen years for failing to follow “the letter” of what has become “victimization dogma.”
Thousands more have been removed from teaching positions, fired from newspapers and other media outlets, or have been subjected to travel restrictions and “police state” surveillance. More still have been harassed, subjected to detention, even torture, for supporting “historical revisionism.”
It is not unreasonable to assume that many “unexpected” or “suspicious deaths” among critics of Israeli policy may well be a part of this process of suppressed free speech? After all, what is more effective than murder?
Now, with Israel humiliated in the United Nations, abandoned by the United States and facing annihilation if they carry out their threats against Iran, bribery, blackmail and threats are being used in a “wholesale manner” in order to block the Palestinian Authority from, not just access to media but from further moves at the United Nations and from free and guaranteed access to the ICC.
Prohibitions now in effect in most European nations, along with Canada and Australia, block any effort to prepare materials for submission to the United Nations, block preparation of case materials for submission to the ICC, but this is only part of it.
Electronic transmissions of materials outlining war crimes by Israel or other violations of international law, part of the now guaranteed legal rights of the Palestinian government as outline by the United Nations, are considered criminal acts punishable by imprisonment for “not less than five years and not more than twenty years.”
This simply means that anyone from any nation that has been involved in legal processes that include information “damaging to Israel” will be deemed guilty of “hate crimes” and be subject to imprisonment.
These edicts have made it a criminal act to, not only teach “historical or Holocaust revisionism” but to report Israeli bombing of Palestinians, their shooting of demonstrators or even to make reference to the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty or Israeli involvement in 9/11 and the Sandy Hook terrorist attack.
Sandy Hook is, perhaps, the most damning incident for Israel in recent years. The arrest, on January 2, 2013, of two Israeli nationals at a “terrorist safe house” in New York, the seizure of weapons and explosives, done as a direct result of the Sandy Hook investigation, has led to a virtual explosion of attacks on free speech, most by the “pop culture press,” Google and Wikipedia.
The two suspects are identified as being “hippies” but a recent New York Times article opens more doors:
Mr. Greene had relatives who perished in the Holocaust, according to a statement released by his lawyers, Charles E. Clayman and Isabelle Kirshner. “We are surprised and dismayed that rather than conducting a complete investigation and then turning over the results to the district attorney, the police have chosen to leak innuendos, half-truths and slurs,” the lawyers wrote.
The statement came after police investigators discovered an undated letter, which they believe was written by Mr. Greene and included “kill them all” and, repeatedly, “kill.” Police officials said Mr. Greene had signed the letter with a lightning-bolt symbol associated with the SS, the Nazi special police.
It doesn’t take much imagination to surmise that the Israeli group planned to blame Sandy Hook on “neo-Nazi” gun owners and support New York Mayor Bloomberg’s demand for national gun confiscation.
The documents found, those taking credit for the murders, along with terrorist manuals, obviously unneeded by highly trained Mossad operatives, are all part of a “deception and cover” operation, done in cooperation with the press, to derail investigations into the botched terror attack at Newtown.
We even see evidence that Israel is trying to rehabilitate the “Mossad mouthpiece” Julian Assange, long a defender of Israel and a known “9/11 truth denialist.”
Assange, long tied to Netanyahu and the Murdoch organization, has long inserted attacks on Iran and Pakistan into Wikileaks while carefully editing out all material prejudicial to Israel.
Several recent issues have put more pressure on Israel. A prime example is the breakdown in the relationship with the United States. General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, long a skeptic of America’s “alliance” with Israel, will now be working directly under Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the only prominent US politician to have distanced himself from the Israel lobby.
Though Hagel’s nomination hearings await, Israel’s smear campaign against Hagel is failing miserably and will only lead to an increasingly acrimonious relationship with Israel, at least until the Likudists are forced from their dictatorial rule.
What had happened over decades, in Europe, Canada, and Australia, prosecutions for speech considered protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued in 1948, had long ago created a feeling of suppression and censorship.
That has now been superseded by draconian measures that eliminate all access to international institutions and all possible redress of grievances. Moreover, as the purpose is that of active conspiracy in support of terrorism and war crimes, of aggressive war, of widespread criminal conspiracies in banking and finance, in narcotics and human trafficking, those governments that cooperate are, in fact, fully complicit.

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