Pat Robertson’s “God”, Salafi Muslims & Demon Spirits


By Ali Baghdadi

(Arab Journal, Chicago)

On February 25, 2013, Mr. Pat Robertson, a Christian Anglican leader, surprised us with a new heavy weight “revelation”.  Responding to an email from a troubled young woman, he told the whole world that bought or donated old sweaters and other clothes and objects could be attached to demon spirits.  Those scary unforeseen stubborn “creatures” normally cause people a lot of trouble and suffering.  Washing and cleaning these items won’t convince wicked spirits to leave. 
Fortunately, a prayer over old things we obtain as secondhand before we bring them home or a donation to Mr. Robertson’s “club” will help get rid of these demons.  In the United States of America, the leader of the “civilized” world, there are other preachers who share Mr. Robertson views and convictions.  They are men and sometimes women of “god”.  They possess unimaginable power.  With a touch of their hand, people with untreatable diseases or injuries are immediately “healed”.
Salafi and Wahhabi Muslim sheikhs and imams also often talk about demon spirits.  I get a chill when I hear them.  They don’t believe that these spirits are on old stuff alone, but are everywhere.  They follow us as our shadows.  Unlike Mr. Robertson, our “men of Allah” (we have no women of Allah), tell us that prayer alone cannot protect us from and chase away evil spirits.  The sacrifice of a sheep or a goat forces them to promptly leave and free their victims.  Cash money given as a charity to the cleric to “donate” to the poor would also suffice.
We Muslims also have men and women that are granted power from high up in the sky to do “miracles”.  As a child, my sister Sarah, who had suffered from epilepsy, was not treated by a doctor.  My mother traveled all the way to Aqabat Jaber, a Palestinian refugee camp, in Jericho, to force the mischievous sprit to free my sister. That mean demon never did.  Apparently, the little money change that my mother was able to save since her last visit to the “Sheikh” could not encourage him to “pray” harder.  Sarah left us as a young woman.  She is in the “company” of the Lord of the Universe.  She must be “happy and fortunate”.
Of course, Mr. Robertson and his rich friends don’t have to worry.  They don’t buy old clothes.  No demon spirits would hang on new items.  They don’t even dare to come near.
Mr. Robertson, a bestselling author and the host of the “700 Club” is not an ordinary man.  In 1988 he was a presidential candidate in the US primaries on the Republican ticket. He presently serves as Chancellor ofRegent University and Chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network.
Mr. Robertson “received” a revelation from “god”, an assertion he repeated four times on “The 700 Club”, a tsunami would hit America’s coastline sometime in 2006.  On January 2, 2007, Robertson said that “god” spoke to him and told him that “mass killings” were to come during 2007.  Of course, this alarming calamity against the United States would be perpetrated by (Muslim) terrorists who follow a “wicked” God, Allah, and a “barbaric” religion, Islam. He added, “The Lord didn’t say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that.” 
No Tsunami or terrorist attack took place.  Mr. Robertson said that somehow the people of “god” prayed.   His “god” accepted their prayers.
In May 1980 he stated, “I guarantee you by the end of 1982 there is going to be a judgment on the world.” Fortunately, this end of the world prediction by the man who denounced Hinduism as “demonic” and Islam as “Satanic” was not materialized.  Robertson’s “god” is “moody” and unpredictable.  He often changes his mind. 
Mr. Robinson stated last year that “god” had told him who will win the US national election.  “God” must have ordered him to keep this conversation secret.   Mr. Robertson had not disclosed this secret until the results were officially announced. 
I tell you the truth.  I am really sad, upset, disturbed and frustrated!  My faith is also shaken. “God” talks to select individuals whose actual deeds and conduct contradict with His desires and commandments.  That is the utmost discrimination that one does not expect from the Lord. 
“God” told George W. Bush to invade Iraq.  He did, and subsequently over one million Iraqis were slaughtered. This is the same “god” who appeared to Robinson and ordered him to give Bush all his support to ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Muslims, who are “anti-Christ”. And he did obey. 
I was born in the old city of Jerusalem, a few minutes away from “al-Aqsa Mosque” and the “Holy Sepulcher”. All Christians were and still are my brothers.  I walked almost everywhere Jesus had walked.  I rested almost on every rock Jesus had leaned on.  I sat under an olive tree that Jesus had probably sat under. I frequently visited Bethlehem and gave homage in the cave in which Christ had been born.  I showed the utmost love and respect to his virgin mom.  I prayed under the Dome of the Rock, the same spot from which Muhammad “ascended to heaven” where he met God and His prophets.  At the end of my prayer I stood in line and kissed the hand of the imam to show esteem and appreciation to his “teachings and knowledge”.  For 23 years, I listened to the aazan, the Muslim call for prayer, and the ringing of churches’ bells as they mix together in a magnificent symphony.
I have never taken the life of a human or an animal.  I have caused no injury to anyone.  I have never intended to harm or victimize an individual.  I have never robbed rich or poor.  I have never taken what belongs to others. I owe money to no one.  Throughout my entire career I worked hard and gave all what I have.  I earned every penny the old fashion way.  And I have respected the beliefs and traditions of others.
Yet God has never spoken to me.  All what I ask God for is peace and justice to prevail, humanity to survive and prosper, and all to love one another.  No response!  No communication!  Is that too much to ask for or expect?
 Why???  Aren’t we all God’s children?  Didn’t He “create” us all in His image?  Mr. Robertson’s and Bush’s god must be different from mine.  Their Torah “god” ordered his “chosen people” to kill, rape, destroy, burn and enslave.

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