Palestinian Child Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Sunday

On Monday dawn, a Palestinian child died from serious wounds he suffered when Nazi soldiers shot him on Sunday evening near the Qalandia terminal, north of Nazi occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, after the army also killed three Palestinians.

Medical sources have confirmed that the child, Adam Al-Jolani, 14, from the Ar-Ram town, north of Jerusalem, was shot with live fire and was one of four wounded Palestinians, in addition to three who were killed by Nazi army fire.

The sources added that Palestinian medics treated the child and rushed him to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, in the central West Bank, but he succumbed to his serious wounds.

The three killed in the incident have been identified as Mohammad Ziad Abdul-Jalil Hmeid, 24, from Beit Anan town northwest of Nazi occupied Jerusalem, Amjad Maher Elian Khdeir, 36, from Gaza City but lived in Ramallah, and Tha’er Sami Kasba, 17, from the Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem.

The slain Palestinians are among eight, including children, killed by Nazi army fire Saturday.

On Sunday dawn, the Nazi soldiers killed Ahmad Atef Awawda, 19, from Doura town, southwest of Hebron in the Nazi occupied West Bank’s southern part, after shooting him near Deir Sharaf town, west of Nablus.

On Sunday night, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza denounced the Nazi bombings of the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza, leading to the death of one worker and the injuries of many Palestinians.

In a statement early Monday morning, the Health Ministry said the number of Palestinians killed by Nazi missiles and shells on the third day of ongoing bombings on the Gaza Strip reached 436, including 91 children and 61 women, in addition to 2271 injuries, including 244 children and 151 women.

The figures are only for the confirmed deaths of Palestinians killed by Nazi missiles and shells inside the Gaza Strip.

On Monday dawn, the ongoing Nazi military bombardment of the densely populated and besieged Gaza Strip led to many fatalities and dozens of injuries, including children.

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