A poll reveals that a majority of Israeli’s are willing to see the banning
 of human rights organization in the ‘Jewish state’ and a bill was introduced
in the Knesset to outlaw any Israeli human rights organization which exposes Israeli war crimes. Yesterday, one peaceful protester hurt and 6 detained in
 Bilin weekly protest against the apartheid wall (itself declared a war crime
 in violation of the 4th Geneva convention).  Those arrested include our
 friends Ashraf Abu Rahma (28, who was videotaped at another event as he was blindfolded  and shot, brother of martyr Bassem killed at peaceful protest), Abed Al-Fattah Burnat (Committee member, 53), Haitham Al-Khatib (34, Photographer), Roy Vackner, and Uri Baytman (Israelis), and a 27 year old US citizen Stormy.
And Israeli secret agents arrested a Palestinian leader in Haifa (head of Ittijah organization, Ameer Makhoul) on secret evidence and puts a gag order on the media.  And the Israeli government will ‘legalize’ outposts in the West Bank (that is how most of settlements came to get Israeli government recognition even if they are illegal per International
 And settlers continue to harass Palestinians.  Thus, we descend further into fascism in this apartheid racist state even as the Israeli propaganda machine still babbles about ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.  But the demonstrations yesterday in Bil’in, Ni’lin, and elsewhere went on successfully. 
In Al-Ma’sara demonstration, something unusual happened. As always, village people walked towards their lands and the soldiers blocked the road with razor wire and armed jeeps. But after a while and some negotiations, the officers allowed the marchers to march along the main road to their lands.  Something new happens here every day.
 Better and shorter videos of our arrests in Al-Walaja
 and pictures of popular resistance including in Al-Walaja
Israeli military shoot dead a Gaza farmer
 and attack fishermen>
Inspiring event showing how isolated Israel is becoming (except by spineless government officials who need to be challenged).  Activists disrupt “Israel  Technology” event at Boston Museum of Science (a propaganda effort). Report on event here
ACTION: We need to act in a last push to stop Israel’s accession to the
 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development . Read this OECD Bends Rules for Israel
 Then act here
 ACTION: Join Palestinians in peaceful expressionand commemoration of Nakba in Washington DC, Saturday May 15th, 2010 3:30 – 6:00 PM. The boat leaves at 4:00 PM, we will start meeting at 3:30 PM.  Washington Harbour, 3000 Mass Ave., NW.  at the bottom of 31st St in Georgetown.  Additional Information: 
The boat ride is 1 hour, we will regroup afterwards around our digital billboard truck that will be displaying documentary video and pictures of the Nakba 1948 and the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians today.  Bring posters that read:  Free Palestine, End the Occupation, Nakba…62 years is enough, Stop U.S. tax Dollars to Israel, End the siege of Gaza. 
Please do not deviate from this theme.  If you have a boat, please join our flotilla on the Potomac. If you do not wish to ride the boat, we need supporters cheering the boat from the Key Bridge; we also need photographers and videographers to document this event and help us submit a video to the Gaza Freedom March Nakba competition. 
The first prize will be $100 donated to the Free Gaza Flotilla.   This is a Family Friendly Event, bring your children for a beautiful ride on the Potomac. We’ll be singing songs from the 60’s.  Sponsored by: Washington Peace Center, Gaza Freedom March, Free Gaza Movement, US Campaign To End The Occupation. RSVP and more info:,
Mazin Qumsiyeh
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