May 13, 2010

Activists in Haifa protest the gag order placed on the arrests . Two senior Palestinan activists have been arrested on charges by the Zio=Nazi regime in Tel Aviv of ‘espionage’ and contacts with Hizbollah.

Their arrests, which took place over the past three weeks, were the subject of a gag-order until it was partially lifted on Monday.
Amir Mahoul, 52, of Haifa and Omar Said, 50, of Kfar Kana are currently being questioned by Zio=Nazit General Security Service Shabak (Zionist Gestapo).
The two were arrested on charges of serious ‘espionage’ ? and contact with a foreign agent who was, according to Nazi Shabak, a member of Hizbollah.
Mr Mahoul, a veteran political activist and the head of two organisations dedicated to Arab civilians’ rights, is the brother of former Knesset member Issam Mahoul. The siblings are founding members of the Balad party, as is Mr Said, who was in the past forbidden by Zionist police from travelling abroad due to previous investigations.
The party condemned the arrests, saying that they were a continuation of the political persecution of  Palestinan’s in general and of the party’s members in particular. They claimed that the government is trying to cut off their community’s ties with the Arab world.
Mr Said was arrested three weeks ago but the story began appearing on websites and blogs last weekend following the early morning arrest of Mr Mahoul at his home in Haifa.
The reports on the internet rendered the gag-order ineffective and large numbers of Palestinan and left-wing activists took to the streets of Haifa to protest the secret arrests.
On Monday, the Nazi Shabak requested that court partially remove the gag order it had taken out and made the arrests public. On Wednesday, Zionist court extended their arrest by five days.

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