Oxford Jazz concert-goer violently attacked after veiled threat from UK Jewish organisation


Will McClure

Gilad Atzmon writes:

Drummer Will McClure, 73, who attended my concert on the evening of 6 August was subjected to an attack outside the concert by some anti Atzmon hooligans. He was injured in his eye and suffered from shock.

A week ago, the Oxford Albion Beatnik Book Shop, which hosted my concert, received a threatening letter from Stephen Silverman of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA). Silverman hinted that something may happen unless the club surrendered to his demand and cancelled the concert. On the night of 6 August we saw the first violent attack against a Jazz audience. Will’s eyes bled for an hour.

We had a packed room in Oxford, and I can assure you that the audience was not impressed. Britons do not like to see their historic city of Oxford turned into a battle zone. If the CAA is genuinely concerned about anti-Semitism, it had better go out of its way to make sure that such an incident never happens again because, as things stand, the CAA and other Jewish organisations such as Jewdas are introducing violence and hooliganism to the British arts scene. This is unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated!

I should mention that the Jewish members of the audience were devastated and embarrassed by it all. They insisted on disassociating themselves from this unfortunate event.

The police are involved

The following message was left by Will’s wife on my Facebook page 

Ann Saxton Mac: I hope the person responsible for throwing the egg tonight that was obviously intended for Gilad Atzmon reads this. You see, I am the wife of the person you assaulted with the egg. We are not from this country but here on holiday from New Zealand. We first met Gilad 17 years ago when we attended a concert in London and over the years whenever we have travelled we have managed to catch Gilad performing in several different countries.

My husband is 73 years old and also a musician. He did not deserve this attack and neither did Gilad or any other person. The egg struck my husband in the eye. The egg shell shattered and penetrated his eye, cutting the eyeball [and] causing it to bleed. He eyesight is badly affected and there is a great swelling to his eye socket… However, you will not get away with this. The police are now involved. Your car will be identified by CCTV footage and we will press for criminal charges to be laid and hold you financially responsible for all medical expenses and any physical or emotional damage caused by this random act of stupidity.

What you did tonight was nothing short of cowardly behaviour and you should be thoroughly ashamed of what you have done and the harm you have caused my husband… If you had the decency you would admit responsibility and apologise in person, but from your behaviour tonight I doubt if you would have the guts to do so, Shame on you whoever you are…

Denni Harrison is the owner of the Albion Book Shop. He was subjected to pressure by the CAA. The following message was left on my Facebook page:

Dennis Harrison: I have hosted Gilad Atzmon perhaps 30 times in 10 years, many venues, music and talks. Never, ever any hint of a problem from audience or any outside (never protesters). Only after receiving a letter from the “enforcement” officer of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA), who has an “understanding that protests… are likely”, do I have trouble. Silverman did not issue a threat, but I draw my own conclusions. The CAA is a sham charity with no conviction that seeks to get others to do its dirty work for them; it believes that “individuals should be at the forefront of the fight”, so should be held accountable for this serious and violent crime upon an innocent bystander.

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